New Armadillo Mystery Coming Very Soon!

Hey Scott,
When my first book released two years ago, you kindly shared its Amazon link. I don’t know if it equated to many book sales, but I appreciated it. You’ve also shared a number of links to my blog, like my multi-part story about wrestling school, and my “If You Liked Daredevil” series.
Anyway, I’m please to announce that the second Armadillo Mystery – THE DAME WAS A TAD POLISH – is expected sometime in September. No iron clad date yet, according to my publisher, but I’ve been told September-ish. But check out the AWESOME cover art by Larry Nadolsky:
In the meantime, I’m wondering if you mind re-sharing the Amazon link to Dill’s first adventure, THE CITY OF SMOKE & MIRRORS.  It’ll give people a chance to check out Dill’s first adventure before diving into the new one. Plus, some regular Doomers on here have read it and reviewed it, like our own Steven Ferrari!
When DAME comes out, I’ll probably bug you again to help shamelessly promote it.
Thanks so much,
Nick Piers
PS: Oh, and maybe a link to my blog. You know, just for fun:
​Anything else I can do for you?  Get you some coffee maybe?​