Kevin Sullivan – Chris Benoit

I regularly listen to Kevin Sullivan’s podcast and I’m continually stunned by how complimentary he is of Chris Benoit. If a guy literally stole my wife and then the story continued on to become a gruesome travesty, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have any nice things to say. I did a cursory google search to see if there was an explanation, but it only brought up hilariously depressing conspiracy theories orchestrated by Sullivan.

I guess my question is simple: has the ole Taskmaster ever given an explanation for how he’s able to view the whole scenario? If not, how the hell do you think he does it?

​I don’t think he’s ever specifically explained, but Sullivan’s a weird guy so who knows. There are still wackos out there who maintain that he framed Benoit and killed both of them himself, so clearly he doesn’t inspire much sympathy either. ​