Macho Man and Slim Jim.

Hey Scott. Reading you latest Nitro rant,I’m curious about the whole Savage/Slim Jim deal. Living in Ireland, Slim Jim was unheard, but was it a big deal in the States? (Or Canada in your case!) Just watching the old Nitros and the WCW programming on YouTube,then Savage Slim Jim adverts are everywhere. But if I didn’t watch wrestling I wouldn’t know about Slim Jim.

Also it that they biggest (or most well known) endorsement deal involving a wrestler? Or am I missing an obvious one? Like Cena and Fruity Pebbles?


​I’d say Savage is definitely the biggest personal endorsement deal I can remember, although WWE has had bigger ones as a whole like Mattel. Fun fact: Slim Jims are not a thing in Canada either, so for the longest time I had no idea what Savage was supposed to selling to people. Since Google wasn’t around at the time, it actually took a long time to discover that Slim Jims were the rough equivalent of what we know up here as Hot Rods. At least in Western Canada, I dunno about the eastern part. ​