Cornette Shattered

Did the grown adult Jim Cornette,while being interviewed for a book,actually use the phrase "butt buddies"? I don’t recall using that one myself since around 7th grade.

​Does that seem out of character for him? The guy who nearly got himself tossed in jail over a Dairy Queen drive thru?

I’m actually about 3/4 of the way through the book myself, and one thing I will say is that the book is starting to veer around the entire wrestling business in 1996 moreso than WWF in particular, which kind of makes it lose focus at points. Like the whole thing with the nWo that starts with Hogan and then talks about Ishigun and then branches back to the original UWF-New Japan war in 86 and then jumps over to Bill Watts getting bought out by Crockett in 87 and then back to Hogan as the third man again. It’s still super informative and fun, but it feels like a lot of padding at times. ​