WM 10

Hi Scott. A few WrestleMania X questions for you:

1. Seems obvious the original plan was for Luger to be the guy. A what point did it switch to Bret? They were still hedging their bets at Rumble, I assume, given the double finish.

2. Having settled on Bret, and all the bombast at the end about the launching of a new generation etc, why did they have him win the belt in such a weak way? Yokozuna just slips off the rope, that’s it? Not an auspicious start if you’re looking for a new Hogan.

3. Had they given up on Luger entirely? Or was it intended as a Reigns-like kicking the can down the road until the fans did as they were told and got behind Vince’s ​​



1. Everyone but Vince pretty much figured that Luger was done around Survivor Series, but it took the Rumble "tie" for Vince to completely give up on Luger. Dave was noting all the time that Bret was drawing better on top, for example.

2. They weren’t looking for a new Hogan, they were looking for a guy to carry the belt while they found the new Hogan. The new Hogan was supposed to be Diesel.

3. They gave up on him. He was clearly a midcard guy after Wrestlemania.