Lightning Round Part 12: Super Hyper Fighting Tournament Edition (Director’s Cut)!


It has been at least a week since a good lightning round!


1. Who had consistently the best ring entrance over a sustained period of at least a year?

HHH’s classic “My Time” water spit entrance really was great stuff to cement him as a main eventer. 

2. What was the single best ring entrance ever by a performer?

I wanna say Undertaker at WM14 with the Druids and Pete Rose buildup and stuff. 

3. What was the best non-verbal “I just won the title!” celebration by a wrestler?

Roddy Piper winning the IC title from Mountie. 

4. Who did the best “I am about to go out there and kill this guy” promo?

Sid was a terrible worker, but he was a really fucking scary dude in his promos.  However, Randy Savage in a bad mood trumps all.   

5. Who was the best in terms of promos at elevating their opponent as well as themselves?

Ric Flair, baby.  That’s what he did for years on end in the NWA. 

6. What was the best ever “wrestling while hurt” performance?

Pretty much anything from Austin’s big run considering the state of his neck the whole time.  However, I think Shawn Michaels going out and putting him over before basically retiring for four years takes the cake. 

7. What was the prediction you were most proud of in retrospect?

I wouldn’t say I’m “proud” of it, but I was pretty much telling everyone that WCW was dying while it was happening. 

8. What prediction did you get most soul-crushingly wrong?

That the Invasion was impossible to fuck up. 

9. Heenan / Monsoon or Ventura / Monsoon?

I think I’ve always been pretty open about not really getting the Heenan/Monsoon combo and being 100% team Ventura/Monsoon, mostly because we didn’t get Primetime Wrestling in Canada and thus I have no nostalgia about them.