Highspots Presents Brickhouse TV: Season One, Episodes 3 & 4

This was filmed in 2010. It was a series on Highspots TV that lasted for six seasons.


Episode Three


Brickhouse talks about working in the Portland Territory in this episode. He said that the promoter, Don Owen, would give all the boys huge turkeys and hams at Christmas time.  Brown then a story of how  he went into Owen’s office just after he started working there. Owen told him that since he just began working here he wasn’t going to get a ham but rather a Cornish Hen, joking not to eat it all at once. It turned out that Owen was ribbing Brown and ended up giving him a giant ham.


He then talks about Buddy Rose, calling him a great worker, but had a lot of “vices.” Brown said that his own main vice was a “piece of ass” then tells us a story. He was at some dealer’s condo with Colonel DeBeers, Brian Adams (Crush), and a few other guys as they were all smoking pot and blowing cocaine. There were a lot of “rats” there too. Brown then said the dealer that was supplying the stuff snorted a huge line of cocaine then dropped to the floor and started to convulse. All of a sudden, Rose heads over to the guy, who is still shaking. The guy asks Rose to call 911 and Rose tells him they will call once he tells them were the stash was and he did. Brown  then said they found it and were awake for a few days in an “avalanche.”


Brown then talks about working for Mexican drug dealers as a “collector” as he would take cars from people that owed money for the dealers. As he was making a lot of money doing that, he was neglecting his wrestling as he talked about how he would ask to work the beginning of the card on the shows in Eugene, OR on Friday’s so he could leave early to make money selling drugs, where he could make between $2,000-$3,000 a weekend selling dope. He says that the wrestlers were his customers too like Brian Adams, Al Madril, Col. DeBeers, Len Denton, CW Bergstrom, and Mike Winter. He then said that the dope (implying that it was marijuana) was at least “clean and healthy” because of the climate in Orgeon and how it was grown before saying that he is just making an excuse for himself as he knew what he did was wrong.


He then talks about the wrestlers from Portland. Brown said that DeBeers lived his character and was like that in real-life. Brown said that they worked a program for two months and DeBeers never put him over and said he was green at the time and did not know. He then talks about how he was told to tone it down once on the mic as he was doing great as he says only in the “fucked up world” of pro wrestling can you be told that you are doing too good, saying that Jerry Lawler would do that to babyfaces in Memphis that started to gain traction.


Brown talks about Ole Anderson being prejudice, even saying Anderson said so in court, but respects that because he is at least up front about it so you know what you are dealing with. He then tells a story of how they were backstage for a meeting where Ole said he would just “take the nigger’s chair” and took it from Pez Whatley, who responded by beating the shit out of Ole. Brown then went one about Ole could do stuff like that because he was the booker and had control over everyone.


Episode 4


He now talks about Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan heading over to TNA, saying that they had success in WCW until the “inmates ran the asylum” then talks about how he might have a chance to get a job in TNA as he was friendly with Hogan and because Dutch Mantell got fired from the company. Brown said that in Memphis, Dutch told him they couldn’t pay his guarantees anymore so he left the territory and Dutch never forgave him. Brown adds that Mantell was the worst booker ever as the storylines never made sense and the areans were empty, which Brown said is a sign of a terrible booker. He also said he was going to work in Puerto Rico for $1,500 a week. Dutch told Brown he would call Carlos Colon up for him but after that, Brown never received a call back and Brown said if he ever finds out that Dutch sabotaged him, he is going to find him on the Independent scene and beat his ass.


Still on TNA, Brown said that Terry Taylor was going to bring him WCW once but the company had a hiring freeze then said that he is the same age as the guys they are bringing in but looks better than them. From there he talks about putting over guys like Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner in Memphis but when he asked for their help to get a job in WCW and TNA, they never did. Brown said that Jarrett wanted to see a tape of his work when he asked for a job in TNA, noting how it was ridiculous as he worked with him for years and helped his dad make money. Brown then wonders if he accidentally fucked his girl, because Brown said he was a “poon hound” and that Jarrett should be thankful for getting him is “first piece of black pussy.”


Brown talks some more about “pussy,” boasting about how he does not discriminate as its all pink on the inside when you open it up. He then says that pussy is overrated as you can save yourself money by jerking off instead. Brown said his favorite current WWE chick is Mickie James, with Melina as his second. He then talks about Melina’s entrance and how can you not think about her pussy during that split.


Brown talks about Dark Journey and how Dick Slater brought her into the business and sooner than later, the promoters saw her and got rid of Slater as he tells us this happens all of the time in wrestling. Brown then warns us not to bring your girl into the business as the boys will “wax that ass” and the promoter will start pushing them over you. Brown suggests if you do bring a girl into the business, make sure it is one that you do not give a fuck about. Back to Dark Journey as Brown hints that Bill Watts got divorced right around this time because he had “jungle fever.”


Final Thoughts: Decent stuff, although not nearly as wild as other episodes. Brown is a good storyteller and makes everything enjoyable. I recommend this series as it is usually hilarious and filled with insane stories.