Too little nostalgia at WMXXXII

Hi Scott,

I see we’re heading towards Rock-HHH (circa 2000) and nWo-Dx (would have been cool in 1998) matches at next year’s Wrestlemania, but they didn’t seem to set up anything else besides that to appeal to the fan from more than 10 years ago And it’s all relatively newer stuff (not even 20 years old). This is crap. I want to see the appropriate blowoff to the super hot Tommy Rich-Buzz Sawyer feud from GCW that ended in the Last Battle of Atlanta, but no one taped it. So let’s do it right at Wrestlemania 32. Are there other matches that your readers can suggest to fill the Wrestlemania card with all the nostalgia that we demand?

Never mind that Buzz passed. Brett Sawyer’s still around. Close enough.

Thanks for the blog.

​I feel like Hulk Hogan v. Tony Atlas is easy money at this point. ​