Quick game of Over/Under

1. Over/Under 5% chance C.M. Punk ever wrestles for WWE again?

2. Vince dies tomorrow over/under Dunn being fired by Christmas?

3. Over/Under 30% chance Ambrose ever holds the WWE World title for at least a 3 or 4 month stretch?

4. Over/Under 1% chance Austin wrestles at WrestleMania?

5. Over/Under 0.000000001% chance they don’t screw up doing anything worth while with Owens in the long run?

​1. Over. He’ll be back when the money runs out. He’s still physically capable of wrestling and still a big name, and time heals all wounds in our so-called sport.

2. Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?

3. Ever is a long time. I’d say Over because at some point, someone gets injured and they’ll take a shot on him.

4. Under. He has millions of dollars in the bank and a permanently messed up back. There’s no match to entice him back.

5. That’s pretty long odds. Math alone says it has to be over. ​