Owens is FAT?!

Everything we read is that the backstage argument about Owens is his conditioning and “he’s fat”? But someone just brought up Mick Foley.  He was the least WWE/Vince looking guy and he walked in to a feud with Undertaker and WON!  He was made instantly and Taker didn’t get the win back for months. Foley feuded with main eventers his entire WWE career including famous feuds with Austin and Rock.

Bret and Shawn weren’t the WWE style big men. Benoit, Jericho, Eddie were the “vanilla midgets”.  Recently, Bryan, Punk, and even Ziggler to an extent aren’t the main event mold.  So why suddenly are people making Owens’ look such a big deal?

Normally they wouldn’t, but apparently Kevin Dunn has some sort of beef with Owens and thus here we are.  Plus Vince has a habit of defaulting back to the Reigns-Batista-Orton musclehead type when business is down.  It is what it is.