Vader in 1995

This is a question tied into the discussion about whether or not Mero was the first jump from WCW to WWF (rather than the other direction) during the Monday night wars, which I suggested in an earlier question

In the first Nitro, the opening features Hogan, Macho, Sting, and Vader. Those four were also set to team together at Fall Brawl a few weeks later against the Dungeon of Doom. Now, we know now that Luger later replaced Vader in both the opening and the match as Vader was quickly written out following an incident (I believe with Paul Orndorff).

My question is, what was the plan for Vader if he didn’t abruptly leave WCW and later end up in WWF? And how did Vader end up on Hogans team for the Fall Brawl match? Without Saturday Night Main Event to look over, I am unable to view the reason and history for this. It would seem to make sense for Vader to be allied with Sullivan and the Dungeon (despite Hogan pinking out of the Vader bomb earlier), unless Vader was a face at the time.

Also, I believe Bischoff mentioned an upcoming match between Vader and someone else on an upcoming Nitro (might have been the pilot at the Mall of America, possibly before they had to scrap Vader plans), and I don’t recall that match happening. So did Vader even wrestle on Nitro?

Thank you

The original plan from Bischoff was actually to do a shock title switch by having Vader beat Hogan on the second live Nitro.

The “incident” was Vader getting into a fight with crippled Paul Orndorff that went very, very badly for him. Otherwise he would have factored into WCW’s plans pretty heavily, I’d have to imagine.