Blog fodder…your favorite guys in some less obvious teams or groups

In the following teams/groups, which guy was your favorite or did you respect more than the other and why? No easy ones like the Hart Foundation or the Rockers here, I listed ones where as a longtime Constant Reader, I couldn’t immediately pick out your favorite. Also no one that became a huge star on their own anyway, like Shawn or Booker T. For example, for me, I always liked Ax in Demolition more than Smash. I loved the team as a whole, but Ax was my favorite b/c I liked his brawling style better and, oddly enough, thought his facepaint designs were more creative (I went to art college, shuttup):

Smash was always the most badass to me.

The Road Warriors
Hawk was the guy getting the title shots.

Hardy Boyz
Clearly Jeff was the star of the team.

The Southern Boys
I always found Tracy Smothers at least a bit more charismatic and fun than Steve Armstrong.

The Iron Shiek & Nikolai Volkoff
I guess Volkoff because he was getting the title shots at Hogan at the time.

I knew Simmons was gonna be the guy when they broke up and liked him better.

The New Day
Xavier is clearly the star of this team.

All the Von Erich brothers
Kerry. He looked and acted like a star.

Team Canada (TNA 05-06)
I barely remember. Bobby Roode I guess, but it’s not like I was watching much.

DX 2.0, after Shawn but before HHH got big.
I was all aboard the HHH train for quite a while, actually.

The Horsemen, aside from Ric Flair. Pick any iteration of the group.
Barry Windham in 1988 is one of my favorite characters of all-time.

Your favorite referee, any federation.
​Tommy Young! ​