Triple H at Wrestlemania XII

First, thank you for answering my Marc Mero question as I found it very information.

I have a question tied into Mero’s debut in WWF. At that event, they started to tease a feud with Triple H, which led to Sable (Hunter’s valet for that Wrestlemania) joining Mero on a later Raw episode. It seemed like they saw potential in both guys especially considering Triple H was due for a big push.

However, earlier in the show, Hunter is absolutely destroyed by the Ultimate Warrior in a squash. I recall Hunters comments on the Self a Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD which seemed to be more truth than revisionist history (unlike most of the other commentators on that DVD).

My question is, if Triple H is poised for a big push after Wrestlemania (before the curtain call made him the target for the punishment they couldn’t do to the rest of the Kliq), then why the squash?

Was it a matter of Vince feeling that Warrior was so much bigger a name that it didn’t really matter if he destroyed Hunter? Was no other heel wrestler available to lay down for Warrior?

Just seems odd if they planned to do more with him to have him look like a jobber at Wrestlemania.


You are absolutely correct in your supposition. Vince wanted to make sure that Warrior looked great since they were paying so much for him, and they could quickly rebuild Hunter anyway by having him win King of the Ring. Hunter was bitter about it for a long time, but it did him absolutely no harm in the long run and actually made him look good with the office for taking it like a man.