So the World Champ jobs to the U.S. Champ, neither participant in the main event of a 4-hour show even appears on this episode of Raw, the IC Title is currently on ice due to injury, and the son of one of the biggest wrestling legends in history who just died is still painting his face like a goof and feuding on Twitter with a TV star on the 5th best broadcast network.

My question is this (since the above defies reason): I know that Harts/Demoliton match from Summerslam 90 is a sentimental favorite match of yours, and it’s mine too. What about that match is so damn charming?

Semi-related, but irrelevant: Was that the high point of Power & Glory? Watching that Philly crowd delight in their destruction of The Rockers sure felt like they were crazy over.

​I don’t know the science behind the Harts/Demos match, but the ending shot of Neidhart holding the belt and cackling like a maniac is one that always trigger specific good memories for me. Basically it was just a really well-done story of 3 heels bullying all the smaller babyface teams and then having it backfire on them. Plus, Road Warriors, so yay. If they had done this match at WM6 as originally planned it might be even more fondly remembered.

And as for P&G, yeah, they were over way beyond their theoretical ceiling. I mean, basically they took Paul Roma and a washed up Hercules and somehow got a top level tag team out of it. I’m not sure why Vince soured on them so fast unless it was a case of the Nasty Boys displacing them from the pecking order, but really there was no long-term with either team anyway so it doesn’t matter. ​