Job Owens Job

Based on Monday’s show where Cena and Owens barely acknowledge each other, and Cena started a new feud with Rollins presumably for Summerslam, can we now call Kevin Owens feud with Cena a gigantic steaming waste of time. His big win over Cena at EC will be remembered as fondly as Rusev’s at Fast Lane and with Taker/Brock, Cena/Rollins, I’m betting on Owens not even making the Summerslam card at this point. Can you please explain this: why even bother to push Owens as strongly as they did for the immediate back to back Cena jobs and then just move on??? He could’ve stayed the dominant NXT champion until the Brooklyn Takeover event? What was the whole point? To show how Cena can persevere… AGAIN? How is Owens any different from Bray or Rusev or any other victims of the #cenawinslol movement?

​At this point, he’s not. In their mind, it’s ultra-important to keep John Cena strong at all costs, and now that it’s apparently BACK TO CENA again after Summerslam, I guess we’ll just keep going down that road until it’s only Cyborg John Cena and the cockroaches left watching the product. ​