BoD Battleground

This has nothing to do with the WWE


BoD Strike Force & Biscuit vs. Camp Cleveland

Strike Force & Biscuit look tired from taking the bus. Camp Cleveland rushes their opponents as they enter the ring. Mar Solo’s coffee cups go flying as he was splattered on the mat. A brawl ensues outside as Camp Cleveland remains in control. Matt Indeed tries to take off his jacket but the sleeves are stuck again as WWF1987 chops him like crazy. Biscuit tries to fight off the other two Camp Cleveland members but succumbs to the numbers game. Mar Solo chugs some arena swill and runs like a madman but Mikey trips him and he Superman dives into the barricade. Ouch. The action finally heads inside where Matt gets that pesky jacket off and starts wailing away on WWF1987. White Thunder tries to powerbomb Biscuit but that gets reversed into an sunset flip. Mikey hits Biscuit and gets ready to hit a Shining Wizard but Mar Solo runs into the ring and hits a flying forearm…………OUTTA NOWHERE!!!!! Mar covers but Thunder breaks that up. Mar runs out and grabs some coffee and drinks one cup but before he reaches the second, WWF1987 hits him with a forearm in the back and rolls him inside. Biscuit comes and clotheslines WWF1987 over the top rope and they both spill out to the floor. Indeed ducks a clothesline from Thunder and hits a flying forearm of his own. Indeed highsteps and pumps his fist before climbing up top. He leaps for a crosbody but Mikey grabs that cup of coffee and tosses it in Indeed’s face while he is in midair!!!!!!! Indeed is rolling around as his face is scalded as Thunder covers and gets the pin!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, his skin is peeling. Camp Cleveland has now stolen the Strike Force jackets, including Biscuit’s, as they run backstage while Indeed is being tended on by the medical personnel, Miss Diagnosis. Mickey Yarber is coming out now!!!!! Will someone send him back, Indeed isnt dead yet.

Backstage, Kensington Enterprises is assembled. Biff:

“Time for Curtzerker to finish off those Riverdale losers! At Kensington, we only accept the best, and that’s what I finally realized about you Riverdale reprobates, especially you, Stackhouse; you’re jealous of all that Biff has. You may rationalize it in your own minds as some sort of freedom, but the truth, Stackhouse, is that you wish you were Biff Kensington. You’re not a prophet, Stackhouse, nor are you some sort of deranged savior, Robert Davis; you’re just a couple of useless 9-5 ham and eggers that know that your only good memories will be of that high school that you still wear jackets for. At the end of the day, money makes the man, and my men, the tag team champions of the world, Curtzerker, will make you wish you were back in that small shithole town you hold so dear, lest you take another beating like the one you’re about to receive. Let’s go boys!”

In the boiler room, Robert Davis bangs Jughead against the pipes as Archie Stackhouse looks on approvingly. Davis: “Tonight, we enlighten the rich in property and the poor in spirit with a baptism in their own blood. The Covenant fells Kensington Enterprises tonight, and once their piece by piece destruction is complete, only after you are forced to your knees in supplication to the esteemed Archie Stackhouse, only then….will you know peace.” He laughs as Archie puts his hand on Robert’s shoulders…..and draws a thumb over his throat. That match is NEXT!

BoD Tag Team Championship

The Riverdale Covenant vs Curtzerker w/ Biff Kensington III

The “HUSS” section is deafening as the champs make their entrance! Berzerker tries to wander over, but Curt and Biff keep him steady and heading to the ring, where the challengers have shed their Lettermen’s jackets and are preparing to do battle. Looks like Robert Davis and Curt are going to start us off. They dance around each other, lockup. Davis gains a momentary advantage with the headlock. He cranks on it, gets backed into the ropes. Curt shoots him off, but Davis runs him over with a shoulderblock! Davis gets a sick grin on his face as he watches Curt warily get to his feet, then consult with Biff on the outside. Davis: “No one can save you now! Welcome to Riverdale!” Curt circles again, and a kick to the gut staggers Davis. Irish whip, but Davis baseball slides through the legs and hits a standing rana when Curt turns! Davis presses the advantage as Stackhouse looks on approvingly from the apron. Rights and lefts by Davis sends Curt to the corner as Biff offers words of encouragement from the outside. Davis backs up for a head of steam, but hits a boot on the blind charge, giving Curt a chance to tag in Berzerker. Berzerker with a big slam and big elbow. He drags Davis back towards his corner and lays in the boots. “HUSS! HUSS!! HUSS!!!” Slaps to the chest by Berzerker! Tag again to Curt, he comes in with crescent kicks in the corner. Fluid tag team wrestling by the champs. Curt goes outside to get a chair, but the referee stops him… Berzerker lays in the shots in the corner! Berzerker with a blatant chokehold! Stackhouse is losing his mind on the apron, and now he’s in the ring, referee trying to escort him out, and there’s a double-team going on while Biff smiles at ringside. Finally, the ref is paying attention again, and Curt his back in the ring. Slam, and Curt is going to the top rope…..frog splash misses! Crowd wants the tag as Davis inches towards Stackhouse in the corner….Curt makes the tag… tag to Stackhouse! The demented cult leader of the BoD has been turned loose! Stackhouse with clotheslines to everyone! He picks up Berzerker, no small feat there, and drops him with a brainbuster! Stackhouse rules the ring! He’s ready to finish this thing as he prepares to apply the neck crank…..and Hoss and Extant have hit the ring! For the second straight month, Kensington Enterprises will keep their titles as the rest of the Covenant is right behind them and the war has broken out all over the ringside area! Fists and weapons and chokeslams are handed out as Hoss and Stackhouse find each other in the middle of the ring, raining blows down upon each other with neither man willing to move! After a series of brutal shots to each other, Stackhouse clotheslines Hoss over the top rope, and Kensington is in full retreat, but STILL holding the tag team championships!

Pride of Canada Match

Mister E Mahn vs. PrimeTime Ten

PrimeTime comes on in his Wayne Gretsky jersey as Mister E Mahn wheels out all 297 of his Timekeeper Awards, including his most recent, the 2015 Left-Handed EST Timekeeper of the Year. Match starts with PrimeTime stalling, frequently pointing at Mahn and yelling that he is the Alexandre Daigle of the BoD. We finally have some action as they lockup but PTT cheapshots off of a break. Mahn fights back and hits a clothesline as PTT stalls again. Mahn chases him around the ring but fails to catch him as they take it outside. PTT tries to knee Mahn as he re-enters but that gets blocked as Mahn fires away. He backdrops PTT then works the arm for a bit. PTT grabs the ref and pulls him forward in a sneaky manner as he collides with Mahn. PTT is now stomping away at Mahn as he is now doing the “raise the Stanley Cup” motion. PTT climbs up top and drops an elbow but Mahn gets his foot on the ropes before the three count. PTT gets pissed as he yells at the referee. He goes up top again but took too long as Mahn cuts him off. They battle on the top rope as Mahn gets shoved off. PTT comes off the top with an axe handle but Mahn punches him in the gut. Mahn measures him up and sends him to the floor with a high knee. Mahn follows out and fires away as PTT tries to retreat. PTT then hits Mahn with a low blow and runs away as he pushes the trophy cart in front of Mahn then rolls into the ring just before the ten count and gets the win. PTT is now doing hockey celebratory motions all over the ring after his cheap victory over the top timekeeper in the universe as Mahn looks pissed over losing in such a shitty fashion.

The camera’s cut backstage as Wade Michael Meltzer is running……………….back to his dressing room to catch up on the G-1 Tournament. But the cameraman now focuses on Kensington Enterprises beating on Kaptain Kiwi!!!!!! Hoss is smashing around the Anchor Cheese display, loudly screaming “NEW ZEALAND ICE CREAM SUCKS!!!!!” Extant1979 is whipping Kiwi with his championship belt as he orders Hoss to get the “box.” Hoss wheels over a giant box as the Berzerker HUSSES!!!!!!! The box reads “Destination: Pittsfield” as he is apparently trying to mail the new New Zealander to the shittiest part of Massachusetts. All of a sudden, The Brazilian Psycho, Beard Money, and Macklin, Man Without Partner, run out and make the save. We hear HUSS!!!! in the backroom being screamed as Kiwi is holding that injured arm. The Brothers Garea were at a New Zealand BBQ & Kiwi contest back in Auckland tonight and when they hear about this, they will be devastated.

C-List title – Bill Ray vs DBSM

DBSM is led to the ring by the entire C-List posse. Mark-Linn Baker grabs the mic and hands it to DBSM. “Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the newest member of the C-List posse…..BONER from Growing Pains!” Oh my GOD! It’s him! He makes his way to the ring, shaking hands with the crowd and high-fiving….well, attempting to high-five DBSM. He misses horribly. “Bring it on, Bill Ray! No one can stand against the might of the C-List Posse!” The Posse stands in the ring as we hear the music of…..”Charades” from Grease 2? Wait, can it be? MY GOD, IT’S MAXWELL CAULFIELD!! Bill Ray has found the ultimate C-Lister to counter the Posse! And Caulfield is here, singing Bill Ray and his bat down to the ring! DBSM is losing it! The C-List posse is beside themselves as Bill Ray points his bat at DBSM! He rushes the ring, Caulfield still singing! Bill Ray is taking it to DBSM! Irish whip, big lariat by Bill Ray! The C-list posse doesn’t know what to do! Bill Ray with the cross-corner whip, knee to the chin of DBSM! Here’s Mark-Linn Baker on the ring apron…..and Caulfield pulls him down! Caulfield flattens him with a big right! And now he’s unloading on the C-List Posse! Caulfield is a wrecking ball! He played Rex Manning in Empire Records! Baker is down! Boner is down! Tina Yothers puts up a good fight, but she’s down! Bill Ray is still dominating in the ring…..Michinoku Driver! He picks up DBSM, who’s woozy…..PALM STRIKE! DBSM drops to his knees, Bill Ray off the ropes…..SHINING WIZARD!!!! 1,2,3!! Bill Ray is the NEW C-List Champion! The ladies at ringside have lost control as Bill Ray holds the belt up high, and Caulfield is in the ring for the big celebration! 

In the back, the door to the locker room opens, and Rockstar Gary staggers out!

Rockstar: Less’go win some belts and stuff, guys. (Burps)

Justice Gray and Bayless follow him out, careful to make sure he doesn’t fall over; even Bayless is smiling a bit! That match is NEXT!!

6-Man Tag team titles: Justice Gray, Rockstar Gary, and Brian Bayless vs Cabspaintedyellow, Kyle Warne, and Adam Curry

Rumors of dissension have followed the six-man champs over their absence from the past several weeks, but they’re out and looking strong. Gray, Gary, and Bayless head towards the ring, and it looks like Warne and Rockstar are going to start. Rockstar with the ‘put ’em up’ dukes, and Warne looks amused. Collar and elbow tieup, and Rockstar with the headlock. Cranks it. Warne reverses into a hammerlock, which Rockstar reverses and rides Warne down, twisting it into a high keylock, barely keeping enough balance to get some torque on it. Warne gets back to his feet, backs Rockstar into a corner, throws elbows, Rockstar releases. Warne gets a running start, avalanche in the corner! Rockstar spins around a few times and falls to the mat! 1,2, no! Warne grabs a front facelock and tags in Cabs, who drops forearms on the back of Rockstar Gary, who may be a little too drunk, even for him. Cabs hits a big delayed suplex, covers, 1,2, no! He sends Gary off the ropes, looking for the biiiiggg back body drop, but Gary with a sunset flip! Cabs rolls through and looks for a big kick, but Gary rolls under and sweeps the leg! He grabs Cabs and pulls him over to the corner and tags in Justice Gray, who comes in with and elbow drop on the knee. Justice lays in some stomps on Cabs’ knee, puts it on the bottom rope, jumps on it, and tags in Brian Bayless. Bayless comes in, dragon-screw legwhip on Cabs! Picks him up, does it again! Bayless actually seems to be having fun out there! He picks up Cabs’ leg – knee crusher! Cloverleaf to a bridging chinlock, Bayless is bringing the workrate tonight! Justice looks on approvingly, and then over at Rockstar…..who’s standing straighter! Justice looks confused, then alarmed. “Bayless! Bayless! He’s sobering up!!!” Bayless looks up. “Already? Good Christ, we need to donate that man’s liver to science!” Bayless goes back to working the leg, but Cabs is starting to fight out of it! Warne and Curry are screaming for the tag, reaching out….Bayless grapevines the leg, and tags back in Justice. Justice comes in and drops an elbow, while Bayless checks on Gary, who is definitely showing alarming signs of sobriety. Bayless doesn’t know what to do, but he hears the call of “Beerman!” in the crowd – the beerman is near the front row! Bayless leaves the apron…..tackles the beerman! He grabs a can in each hand and heads back to the apron. Meanwhile, Cabs is fighting for his corner, Justice trying to stop him…..Cabs with a mule kick to get Justice off him! Cabs with the tag to Kyle Warne! Adam Curry looks rather pissed off at that, as Warne comes in with a dropkick! Another one! Justice is down. 1,2, no! Warne with the Irish whip, ducks a Justice clothesline, hits a shot to the gut and a knee to the face! On the apron, Bayless has been trying to get Gary to have some beer, but Gary’s too sober…..Bayless shakes up the other can and sprays it full in Rockstar’s face! The look has come into his eyes…..Rockstar Gary is back! He grabs the other can downs it in 4 mighty gulps! Now he’s yelling for the tag as Warne has Justice in a chinlock. Justice fights to his feet, shoots Warne off, but Warne catches the top rope to stop himself. Justice charges, Warne moves, and it’s Justice out to the floor! Warne catapults himself over the top rope with a bodypress! Warne rolls Justice back into the ring, 1,2, no! That was close. Warne tries to drag Justice back over to his corner, but Justice is fighting off…..Warne loses control of him and runs into Adam Curry! I think their heads hit! Adam Curry falls off the apron! Warne is woozy, so Cabs tags himself in as Justice reaches for the corner…..tag to Rockstar! He’s a house afire! Rockstar with rights and lefts, protoplex! 1,2, no! Adam Curry is still on the floor, Warne is still woozy, Cabs is on his own! He staggers to his feet, but Rockstar is ready…..Superkick! 1,2, no! Rockstar backs him into the corner, sets him on the top, superplex! 1,2, Warne breaks it up! And now Justice Gray and Bayless hit the ring, and we’ve got a pier-sixer! Bayless tosses Warne and follows him to the other side of the ring, while Justice hits the cactus elbow on a still-recovering Adam Curry outside the ring! Back in the ring, Gary and Cabs are toe-to-toe, but Rockstar gets a reverse neckbreaker! Gary heads to the top….is this the moment….DRUNKEN 360 SENTON SPLASH!!! Gary with the cover – 1,2,3!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have NEW 6-Man tag team champs! Justice and Bayless celebrate with the belts as Rockstar Gary is already in the crowd continuing to grab beers from the felled beerman! 

The former 6-man champs come to in the ring. Cabs and Kyle look upset, and then they turn around…..into a double clothesline from Adam Curry! What?? Curry roars, looking pissed, and hits his former partner Cabs with a DDT! He grabs Kyle Warne and takes him to the announcer’s table…..powerbomb through the table! Adam Curry has lost it! He’s got a microphone!

“You know, the last time you saw me, I was getting stitched up after I went through a war with someone I may have hated, but at least I respected. And then I took a look in the mirror, and I realized that the problem with myself was simple….I had become someone I hated and someone I didn’t respect anymore! I’m a WRESTLER, a FIGHTER, and the toughest man in the BoD! You clowns never saw the truth, and I have been WAITING for the chance to cut you loose. From now on, Adam Curry looks out for himself and himself alone. No more of this 6-man bullshit. Adam Curry is done worrying about partners. All that matters to Adam Curry is finding men to fight, titles to win, and money to be made! The rest of you can shove it up your asses! (He takes a deep breath) Because on this day, make no mistake; God didn’t create Adam Curry, God simply got out of Adam Curry’s way, and any thinking man better do the same!”

He throws down the mic and exits the ring. Adam Curry has lost it!

Backstage, we’re with John Petuka, resplendent in his Petukamania shirt (19.99 with free shipping at BoD shopzone!).

“You know, Vinson, I never had any intention of hurting your lovely valet. Although, I wasn’t completely sure whether it was a her, especially when I felt those thunder thighs as I loaded her up for the Bazooka. Vinson, let me explain something to you; I want your belt, and now you know that I’ll do anything to get it. And if some bitch gets in the way-“

It’s Jef Vinson! He’s attacking Petuka! “Shouldn’t have shown your face, Johnny boy!” Vinson tosses Petuka into the interview set, knocking it over! Security is swarming, but they can barely hold Vinson back, as he’s spitting at Petuka, swearing vengeance. Petuka wipes away blood from his lip and glares as the World Champion is barely being restrained. 

It’s time for our main event of the evening! The Chamber has been set up. Pod #1 is a ball pit. Pod #2’s only escape mechanism is to climb to the top of the pod and take a giant slide down into the ring. Pod #3 appears to be a Funhouse mirror. Pod #4 is a normal pod, for some reason. This is Bobby Bayless’ masterpiece!

The lights go out, a lone spotlight appears…’s John Petuka! He takes a deep breath, points…..bang! There’s the sign! “BODMania III…..with John Petuka” has been unfurled. Petuka takes a deep breath…..and from behind, it’s Jef Vinson! He just can’t wait! They’re battling all down the aisle, and security is trying to get them separated again! Vinson is LIVID. Finally, they get Petuka into Pod #1. The music of Parallax hits, and it looks like he’s going into Pod #2. Abeyance is next, heading to Pod #3, and that leaves…..The Fuj, heading to Pod #4! That means we’re going to start this match with the champ, Jef Vinson, and former #1 Contender Cultstatus!

Elimination Chamber for the BoD World Title: 

Jef Vinson vs John Petuka vs Cultstatus vs Parallax vs The Fuj vs Abeyance

Vinson still won’t take his eyes off Petuka, laying on the bad mouth at the door of his pod. “I’ll be waiting right here, motherfucker!” Finally, Cultstatus just shrugs and attacks! We’re off and running as Cult lays into Vinson with chops in the corner, then a whip into a lariat. Cult firing stiff shots and calmly ducking wild shots by the champ, who clearly needs to get his head in the game. Cult with a headlock, Vinson finally seems to realize that he’s supposed to be wrestling other people here, and he shoots him off, ducking a clothesline and catching Cult with a drop toehold. Armdrag by Vinson, then a transition into a headscissors. Cult maneuvers back to a sitting position, so Vinson goes to a body vice. Vinson with shots to the ribs as he gets his bearings. They’re back to their feet, and Vinson lays in with kicks, but Cult catches the leg….enzugiri by Cult! He grabs the champ by the hair and sets up for the powerbomb, but YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB VINSON, as he flips into a face jam. Both wrestlers are down, and it’s time for a new pod to open!

The horn goes off, and Pod #2 is our lucky winner! Parallax climbs up the ladder to the top of the slide, shrugs, and slides into the match. He grabs Cult and sends him to the corner, and he’s firing chops. He stops to start working the knee, while Vinson is still down having rolled to the outside. Stomps to the knee by Parallax. Kneecrusher by Parallax. Meanwhile, John Petuka is up to his waist in the ball pit, while Abeyance is checking himself out in the funhouse mirror, and The Fuj just seems to be calmly meditating. Parllax continues his all-out assault on Cult’s knee, with a brutal spinning toehold. But Cult won’t give up, so here’s the champ back in the match, and he seems to be wanting to join in the fun. Vinson and Parallax are now double-teaming Cult unmercifully, and Cult can barely stand. Parallax looks to apply the Figure four, but there’s a small package by Cult! 1,2, Vinson breaks it up! Parallax heads to the top turnbuckle, frog splash onto Cult’s knee! We’re counting down the seconds until another man enters the ring as Vinson and Parallax continue to…..Parallax just attempted to roll up Vinson out of nowhere! 1,2, no! That was CLOSE! And Vinson realizes it, as Parallax just kind of shrugs with a little smile. They’re having words, and the horn goes off!

Pod #3 is opened and here comes Abeyance! The man that Vinson put into this match on purpose, and he’s coming out firing! Dropkick to Parallax! Dropkick to Vinson! Sends Parallax off the ropes….leg lariat by Abeyance! Picks him up…..brainbuster by Abeyance! He sends Vinson to the outside steel, and turns his attention towards the champ! Abeyance on top of Vinson pounding away, and he rubs Vinson’s face into the steel chain surrounding the ring! “Happy I’m here now, Vinson?” Vinson is busted wide open! It doesn’t look good for the champ! Suplex onto the steel! Abeyance sends Vinson into his former pod, and he shatters the mirror into a million pieces! Vinson bleeds everywhere as Abeyance looks for the Welcome to the BOD elbow, but from behind, Parallax has recovered! He and Abeyance battle it out, and Parallax gets the DDT! Parallax is going up to the top rope again, signaling for the 450 splash…..Abeyance moves out of the way! Welcome to the BOD elbow hits Parallax on the chin! 1,2,3! Abeyance eliminates Parallax!Abeyance checks around the ring. Cult is trying to pull himself to his feet in the corner, and Vinson is bleeding like a stuck pig in the remains of Abeyance’s chamber. Satisfied, he heads towards the champ….and walks into a Vinson superkick! Vinson was goldbricking! 1,2, no! Abeyance barely got the shoulder up! Vinson tosses Abeyance over the top rope and Abeyance hits the steel. “You want some, Abeyance?” He’s attacking Abeyance with shards of the funhouse mirror! Abeyance is busted wide open! We’ve got a double gusher! Vinson picks Abeyance up by the hair…..but from behind, here’s Cult staggering towards him! He’s back on his feet, and he grabs Vinson by the hair…..Scorpion Deathdrop! 1,2, no! All 3 wrestlers are down! And the horn sounds! 

Pod #4 is ready, and so is The Fuj…..but the pod is a trap door! The Fuj has disappeared! WHERE DID HE GO??? And now, there’s Cult dragging Abeyance to his feet, suplexing him back in the ring, but Vinson has grabbed the bad leg of Cult! Abeyance falls on top of him and Vinson holds down the leg! 1,2,3! Cult has been screwed! There’s still no sign of The Fuj at all! Where did that trap door lead to????? Vinson is back on his feet, and he and Abeyance trade shots, bleeding like stuck pigs as Vinson gains the upper hand. Vinson ducks a fist, go behind, german suplex! 1,2, no! Vinson looks frustrated and glares at Petuka over in the final pod, while Petuka just smiles as Vinson bleeds. Vinson sets Abeyance up….piledriver! He points at Petuka……2nd Piledriver. 3rd Piledriver! 4th Piledriver! 5th Piledriver! Abeyance may, in fact, be dead as Vinson has clearly lost it at this point. Vinson gets back to his feet as blood runs down his chest and calmly puts his foot on top of Abeyance. 1,2,3. Abeyance has been eliminated! And Vinson rules the ring, since we still have no idea where The Fuj is. 

Vinson stalks back and forth in front of Petuka’s pod, while Petuka slowly removes his Petukamania shirt as the crowd counts down…..the horn goes off! Petuka’s pod opens…..and he’s stuck in the ball pit! He struggles to get out as Vinson smiles and starts firing at Petuka! Lefts and rights raining down as Petuka hasn’t even gotten in the ring yet! There’s blood on the balls as someone is going to have to clean that up, it’s unhygenic! Petuka hasn’t even made it into the ring yet and he’s busted open! There’s blood and carnage everywhere and still no Fuj. Vinson hauls Petuka into the ring and keeps firing at him. This is an ass-kicking of the first order. Suplex, another, a 3rd. This may be quick as Petuka has had almost no offense…..but from the crowd, it’s kbjone! He’s got his chair with him and he KO’s the referee on the outside! He’s got the key to the Chamber, and now he’s trying to get in, the door is open…..but from the back, it’s AndyPG! He’s got a score to settle with kbjone and a chair of his own! He PASTES kbjone with a blatant chair to the head! Vinson and he exchange a look as Andy nods. Vinson turns around….Petuka with a codebreaker! 1,2, no! Petuka is in control now, both men bleeding all over the place. Petuka takes the world champ from pillar to post, sending him to the outside. Blatant cheapshot by Petuka! He raises his arms to boos from the BOD crowd and POINTS TO THE SIGN! He signals that it’s time to end this thing, and he loads up Vinson for the BAZOOKA…..but a masked person has come through the door! Petuka turns around…..hairspray to the face of Petuka! IT’S VINSON’S VALET!! She spits on Petuka as he drops Vinson, and punts a field goal into Petuka’s balls! Vinson has staggered to his feet, and she helps him stand. He smiles at her through his bloody face, and…….he wouldn’t dare…..VINSON WITH THE PETUKA BAZOOKA TO PETUKA!!!! Vinson collapses to his knees and falls into the cover. 1,2,3!! Jef Vinson is STILL the BoD World Champion! Vinson and his valet celebrate in the ring as Petuka lies motionless!