Sting question


I know there is some question as to how big of a star Sting is/was, but he was no doubt one of WCW’s top attractions for more than a decade.

And yet, as a top star, Steve Borden put over guys like Vader, Rick Rude, Flair and others, despite being the promotion’s top babyface for much of that time.

Also, Sting is willing to look like an idiot, play along with dumb booking (ehehh-Starcade 97—eheheh) and rarely (publicly anyway) complains.

My question is this: Is Sting the most unselfish top star of his era? If he isn’t, who is? Only other guy I can think of is Rock, though Dwayne has never allowed himself (as a babyface, anyway) to look stupid.

Thoughts? Better examples?

Enjoy your work. Thank you.

​I think part of Sting’s problem was that he was TOO unselfish and didn’t stand up for himself many times. Had he played the game more he could have been way bigger. ​