Paul Orndorff turning face in 87


When Paul Orndorff turned face and fired Bobby Heenan for a second time, Did the WWF have plans for him long term beyond the feud with Rick Rude?

I remember an episode of Superstars in early 1988 where they hyped the blow off match between Rude and Orndorff and when the match happened it was announced Orndorff "no showed" and Ricky Steamboat took his place.

Would he have maybe got a run chasing Honky for the IC title had he stayed?

​I’d have to say they probably didn’t have anything for him, given that even as a kid at the time I could tell that he was being jobbed out. Plus Paul was having a lot of injury problems at the time due to his neck and didn’t really re-emerge until, what, 1990 WCW? They knew during the Hogan series that he was in pain as well, but, you know, money. I doubt they’d be making big plans for someone falling apart like that.