Cesaro booking strong…ish

Why on Earth did they have Rusev win the triple threat if only to pull the Owens angle??? Why on god’s earth wasn’t that Cesaro winning and getting screwed to set up a monster face run OR a triple threat with Cena? The crowd pops for every move the guy does and after an awesome 25-minute match he jobs to a kick?! To a guy feuding with Ziggler?!?! To set up nothing at Battleground?!?! Cesaro could be the next D-Bry as he has the organic fan support and sympathy with using injured Kidd’s moves. Meanwhile Cesaro (with 3 **** TV matches) and Ambrose (in main event at MITB) have NO matches for Battleground. For every 2 steps forward, this company takes 3 back. I don’t get it. Do you think there are any plans for Cesaro at this point or should I just hope he’s fired and in next year’s G1?

​Well now the problem is that they’ve seemingly written Ziggler off of the show for some reason, so Rusev is also suddenly lacking in an opponent. ​I think if there’s a silver lining, it’s that ratings are going to continue bottoming out until finally Vince will wake the fuck up and start pushing new people for serious this time, because obviously the current set of guys isn’t getting it done. Which isn’t a knock against them, but they’ve clearly ruined Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and even Brock Lesnar as potential top draws and something’s going to have to happen soon.