Some Love for John Cena

Is it me or is John Cena the (not-so?) under-the-radar best wrestler in the WWE right now? When is the last time the guy was put in a position to have a good match and failed to deliver? Seems like it’s literally been years. He’s having **** matches on a weekly basis on TV and in the PPVs, on top of being pretty self-less about making his opponents (mostly young up and coming talent) look as good as he can, despite whatever the booking may be.

I know that very recently most people were sick of everything about the guy, and had been for years. I used to hit the fast-forward anytime that music hit. Now, his segments are about the only thing I don’t skip through on RAW, even though his promos are still hard to stomach sometimes. Everything else is such re-tread, but the U.S. Open Challenge has been so good for RAW and for John Cena.

I know it’s hard to call it a "revitalization" of Cena, as he still hasn’t really changed much from a character perspective. But maybe it’s the "second wind" the character needed to sustain its viability for a while longer, and restore some much needed credibility from older fans.

​I think Kevin Owens is pretty clearly the best right now, but it’s nice that Cena has found his niche later in his career. This version of Cena isn’t drawing, however, which probably doesn’t bode well for the longevity of the character in that role. ​