WWF Superstars of Wrestling August 29th, 1987

August 29, 1987

From the Dane County Expo Center in Madison, WI

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Paul Orndorff, Junkyard Dog, and Strike Force. Plus, Brutus Beefcake is with hairstylist Sal Fodera and more.


Iron Mike Sharpe vs. “Mr.Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Oliver Humperdink

Sharpe attacks Orndorff before the bell. Orndorff fights back as we get an insert promo from Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan, who claims that Orndorff is jealous of Rude’s physique. Back to the match as Orndorff kicks Sharpe, who is tied up in the ropes. Orndorff then drops a few elbows and continues to rough up Sharpe until he gets caught with a punch. Sharpe chops Orndorff against the ropes but an Irish whip gets reversed and Orndorff comes back with a clothesline then gets the win with a piledriver (3:14).

Thoughts: Humperdink didnt add anything at all here. The fans were into
Orndorff a bit but his second babyface run was short-lived as he got hurt and left in January of 1988. He also seemed to be getting phased out and used to put over Rude in this role.


WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject is Brutus “The Barber”Beefcake as he is with hairstylist Sal Fodera in New York City. We get a clip of them meeting as Beefcake gets lessons on how to style hair. At first, Beefcake struggles but he ends up getting a certificate. Harmless, goofy 80’s stuff that maybe went on for a bit too long.


The Battle for Bam Bam as Jesse Ventura informs Bobby Heenan that he is out of the running, leaving Slick as the last manager left. Heenan is not too happy over the news.


Pete Sanchez & Rick Gantner & Frankie DeFalco vs. King Harley Race & Hercules & “Ravishing” Rick Rude

Heenan is not a ringside as he is too upset over losing out on Bam Bam Bigelow. Before the match, Rude tells the guys in the crowd to be quiet so the ladies can enjoy his body. Heenan’s guys beat the crap out of the jobbers as Heenan finally makes his way to the ring and shortly after that Rude makes DeFalco submit to the backbreaker (1:38).

Thoughts: Not much to this other than to get Rude over.


Gene Okerlund is with Oliver Humperdink, who tells us his goal is to make Heenan so miserable that he leaves the WWF. Orndorff comes out as he compares himself to Lawrence Taylor in that he is not a nice guy and does what he will to win as he hypes his match at the Meadowlands against King Kong Bundy. Weird promo from Orndorff, who all but said he was still a bad guy despite leaving Heenan.


Jimmy Hart is with the Honky Tonk Man, who tells us that he is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time and to forget about past champions like Ricky Steamboat, Tito Santana, and Randy Savage. Someone wouldnt take to kind to that statement.


Terry Gibbs vs. Junkyard Dog

Gibbs tries to attack JYD but gets caught with a slam. JYD works the arm as we get an insert promo from Danny Davis, telling us that he would not let JYD get away with using a chain. Gibbs comes back with a clothesline then goes to work but JYD picks him up off of the top rope and gets a powerslam for the win (2:06).

Thoughts: Not much to this either except for JYD being another guy in line for a series of matches against Davis.


Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan, who will be defending his World Title against the One Man Gang on September 21st at Madison Square Garden. Hogan says that Gang is no different than any other opponent he has faced. Okerlund then asks him about Slick as Hogan promises to use him as a toothpick if he interferes. Hogan was really in need of a credible opponent after WrestleMania III. These feuds against Khan and Gang were not cutting it at all.


One Man Gang & Nikolai Volkoff come out with Slick to wrestle a tag match against a pair of jobbers. After Volkoff sings the National Anthem, Gang pleads with Slick to let him wrestle the match by himself then it is announced as a handicapped match.


One Man Gang vs. Arthur Washington & Jim Milliman

Milliman is in fact Jake Milliman from AWA fame. Here he is billed from Tennessee. Gang starts the match by beating on both guys. He sends them to the floor as we are shown a picture of Slick with Bam Bam Bigelow. Back to the match as Gang rams both guys in the corner then hits them both with front suplexes for the win (1:36).

Thoughts: Quick squash for Gang to put him over for his matches against Hogan.


Craig DeGeorge is on the podium with Virgil and Ted DiBiase, who says he is gracious enough to let the WWF cameras follow him around and see his life before telling us he can buy anyone or anything. DiBiase then offers $200 to a fan if he kisses Virgil’s foot. Some guy comes out, looking like Pat O’Brien’s crackhead brother, and kisses the foot as DiBiase tosses the money on the ground as the guy swoops it up and leaves. You could tell DiBiase was getting more comfortable with his act as he came off more angry and unlikable here. He was more than just acting cocky, which is what he did at the beginning.


Steve Lombardi & Tiger Chung Lee vs. Strike Force

This is the in-ring debut of Strike Force. Jesse wonders why they are not called the “Mexi-Can Connection” as Santana works over Lombardi. Martel is in as we get an insert promo from Strike Force as they talk about their new theme song which is featured on the “Piledriver” album. Back to the match as Lee chops down Santana but misses a charge in the corner. Martel tags in and runs wild before tagging Santana, who gets the win with a flying forearm (2:49).

Thoughts: The fans popped for the win but Strike Force got nowhere near the reaction the Can-Am Connection were getting before Zenk quit. That team was on fire as this team was coming across as a more ethnically diverse version of the Killer Bees.


We get some dog care tips from the British Bulldogs, like how you should keep your dog on a leash. Funny moment as when we return to the ring, Jesse said he knew a few women who could use a leash. These Bulldogs segments about dog care were all atrocious.


Sivi Afi & Scott Casey vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Demolition beats on Casey as we see them in an insert promo putting over their song from the “Piledriver” album. Afi tags and hits several chops with minimal effect as Ax comes back with a clothesline. Ax now works a neck vise then tags Smash as he softens Afi up before they put him away with the Decapitation (2:14).

Thoughts: Demolition squash matches were a lot of fun but they’ve been around for several months and still without a feud.


Okerlund is with Danny Davis, who will be facing Jake Roberts at the 9/13 show in the Nassau Coliseum. Davis promises he has a surprise in store for Roberts, hinting that he might be making some snakeskin boots. Basic, heel promo from Davis.


Next week in action will be Don Muraco, Hart Foundation & Danny Davis, Killer Bees, and Jake Roberts. Plus, Slick will introduce us to Bam Bam Bigelow as we get a promo from him in all his glory over the prospects of managing Bam Bam.


Final Thoughts: Much like the past few weeks, this show was dominated by Bam Bam Bigelow and the “Piledriver” album. Strike Force made their debut and the catalyst of the Honky/Savage feud was here so it was significant for historical purposes I guess but nothing else of significance was shown.


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