The return of Rock Star Gary/The Art of the Supershow

I’m back! First, I want to thank Scott tremendously for allowing me the opportunity to return to his fantastic blog at its new home. Second, having spent time writing for the BoD Performance Center along with another great blog  I have honed my recapping skills and am prepared to entertain you with my wrestling knowledge, history, and occasional bits of humor. Lastly I certainly hope you enjoy my reviews and welcome your comments.

While I chronicle a different era of wrestling on another site I thought I’d take further advantage of my $9.99 monthly subscription to the WWE Network and begin with a little wrestling history.

The Art of the Supershow

Before WrestleMania became one of numerous pay-per-view (PPV) specials annually held by WWE it was one of a select few of annual shows put on by regional promotions to showcase their talent, blow off feuds, and generate lots of money.

Prior to 1987 supershows were telecast on closed-circuit all around the country. The introduction of PPV changed the method of distribution for supershows and allowed promoters to reach a larger audience. Additionally, this was not exclusive to wrestling as boxing was very popular and made good money in the 1980s.

Before the WWE (then-WWF) hosted WrestleMania in 1985 an NWA regional promotion Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) telecast its own supershow called Starrcade in 1983. Starrcade was a creation of the late Dusty Rhodes and lasted for seventeen years. Rest in peace, Virgil Runnels. You are greatly admired and missed.

While the WWE Network offers me the chance to review NWA/WCW, ECW, and WWF/WWE content I hope I am able to secure copies of other promotions’ supershows such as: World Class Championship Wrestling’s David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions 1984-1988 as well as AWA’s Super Clash I, II, and III. Any assistance in locating these events is greatly appreciated. I realize most of these shows are on either Youtube or Dailymotion.

Going forward I will review supershows beginning with Starrcade ’83: A Flair for the Gold. Stay tuned for some fantastic wrestling history.