Brickhouse TV: Season One, Episodes 1 & 2

Brickhouse TV is a series produced by Highspots that star Brickhouse Brown as he goes into all of the crazy stories in his wrestling career and even in his non-wrestling life. It lasted for six seasons.


Episode #1


Brown starts off by telling us to get his shoot interview then tells us why he is not in the WWE. He said back in 1988-89 (It was likely 1986 as that was when he was in the WWF), he was competing there. One day in Cincinnati he was in an elevator with Pat Patterson, who asked him about being a male stripper in college. Brown said they did background checks so they knew that about him. Patterson then asked him if he could do a routine of coming out dancing then tearing off breakaway pants and Brown said yes. Patterson followed that up by saying the only problem was that “dress rehearsal” was at his house and there would be some “undress rehearsal” there too then grabbed his ass. Brown said that he couldnt kick his ass or even get mad at Patterson for admiring him so he called up some wrestlers to see what to do then decided to call Linda McMahon say he was going back to school at Auburn University. Brown claimed he passed up a $200,000 a year job. Later on,Brown said he was even thinking about that job when he was broke but then said he would have rather flipped burgers after thinking about it again.


He then said the suits in the company prevented him from going back then talked about John Laurinaitis costing him a referee gig with the company after he did a tryout in Nashville after guys like Steve Lombardi, Downtown Bruno, and Jerry Lawler got in his ear to talk shit about him. Brown then said regardless, he is proud of his career. He even said that the WWE is a fantastic place to work for as they make you feel like a professional but you need a strong head to prepare for all the mental mind games they play.


Episode #2


Brown now goes into the World Class Territory. He talks about teaming with Iceman Parsons for a run against the Von Erich’s then proceeds to call up Iceman himself. Brown gets a hold of him and asks Iceman to tell a story about them. Iceman talks about how Skandor Akbar was pissed about their manager , Harold T. Harris, dating a white girl and made a comment about how she was fucking those “niggers.” Iceman went to the office and said he did not want Akbar to be their manager as that was the plan when they turned. Iceman told the office that these “niggers” were doing nothing but putting money in their pockets and to tell it to their face if that was the case. He then said Eric Embry stopped their push and as a result they never got to face the Von Erich’s. Parsons and Brown said bye as Brown said that is one example of how they got screwed out of a money run.


He tells a story about Sid Vicious, who was on a local show he was helping promote and getting pissed about the outcome of the match. Sid apparently went to the other dressing room and was cursing out Brown and referring him as a “nigger”, who tells a story about knocking Sid out in a match many years ago and Sid bought him a bag of weed as a peace offering the next night. Brown said that Sid is still cool but they both do business differently and he is not mad at him.


Brown now tells a story about Mick Foley in World Class. He said at the time no one wanted to ride with him as a reputation as a slob. Brown said if that was his business he didnt care. Brown also said they are still friends and introduced Foley to a rat nicknamed “Hum Baby,” someone Brown said was so good at giving head she would hum the National Anthem during the act. So, Foley is with her and he’s nervous as Brown was interested to see what would happen and stayed in the room. Foley wanted him to leave then took a newspaper to place over Hum Baby’s head as Brown said he saw the newspaper go up and down then he took it off and asked him what he was doing as Brown promises part 2 of the story for the next episode.


Final Thoughts: Well, Brickhouse can certainly tell a story like no other. The first two episodes were entertaining and the stories only get crazier. Doing a shitload of drugs in the 80’s and 90’s will give you a lot of material to work with.


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