Underutilized Main Event Talent in 1999

Hi Scott,

I was rewatching all the 1999 pay per views and realized that between Austin and Undertaker’s injuries and Mankind being on his last legs the main event scene was clearly in need of some supplementation. The obvious answer is Billy Gunn after his King of the Ring run. Which of the following options do you think works better to fill the holes and better establish Billy as a permanent upper midcard guy?

a. The night after WM15, Billy Gunn rebuilds DX (mirroring Triple H after WM14) as a face group to get vengeance against Triple H and Chyna. He wins King of the Ring as a face, defeating Kane in the finals. He gets a blowoff match with Triple H at Summerslam, which he loses. This has the side effect of freeing up Rock to win the title at Summerslam 99 as a face that Jesse Ventura will raise the hand of. Billy takes Shamrock’s place feuding with Jericho upon his initial feud and ends up in a fatal four way for the IC and Euro titles at WM2000.

b. Billy is revealed as the driver of the Lincoln that runs over Austin at Survivor Series 99. This replaces the awful Rikishi heel turn and “I did it for you, Rock” storyline. Billy makes more sense as he was the only member of DX that wasn’t there for Austin’s hit and run and he has the alliance with Triple H. This also puts Gunn into the Armageddon World Title Hell in the Cell match where he can take Rikishi’s crazy bump if necessary. AFter that match and the Rumble, Billy moves on to a feud with the resurgent Kane (who had nothing to do despite a crazy Rumble run) at WM17.

c. Both of the above?

​My assumption at the time was actually that Billy Gunn was going to be the driver of the car, because he did make the most logical sense. I’m pretty sure it was pitched to Austin and he put the kibosh on it because BILLY GUNN, but watching as a fan that’s where they were clearly going with it before it became HHH instead. ​