Ric & Dusty Megapowers-Style

Hey Scott

Silly Thought: Was there any thought, in the mid/late-80s of ever putting Flair and Dusty together as a Superteam? It just seems so obvious, even if it was going to be for, like, a week. It pretty much books itself: You could basically do the 95 Flair/Sting storyline and just draw it out over a year, have them go around the horn and fight the Russians, Road Warriors, Freebirds, etc.. and then, when they’re facing, say MX for the titles, Cornette "injures" Flair in the back, Dusty fight alone, Flair crawls the ring, HOT TAG, TURN, BOOM Renewed Rivalry for another year.

If not, did the two EVER team, say in the 70s when, I believe, both were faces?

​I’m sure they teamed up tons of times, yeah. By the time they’d be a "superteam", though, I can’t see Dusty being dumb enough to allow his character to look stupid like that, especially not against Flair. That was really a problem that Sting had as a person, in that he was seemingly too nice to pull a Steve Austin and laughingly tell the bookers to go fuck themselves when they asked him to do something stupid. ​