WWE “Super Fans”


What’s your take on the current crop of super fans like Brock Lesnar Guy and Frank the Clown? I was at a house show last night in Rockford, IL and I sat a few rows from Frank. He acted like a self-important jerk and spent a lot of the time loudly talking about his experiences meeting whichever wrestler was currently in the ring. This is also the same guy who threw a fit on Twitter when he wasn’t on WWE’s list of super fans that they put on their website. The wrestlers must think this dude is a creep, right?

Guys like that are the WORST. Maybe it’s just the Canadian in me, but I always hated being a pest to the people in the business who were nice enough to make contact with me, and certainly never going to a show and bragging about it. For me it’s on the same level as the indy-fan dorks who sit in the front row and loudly cheer the heels while telling the 13 year olds beside them about all the "backstage newz" they read on second-hand websites. Because I lived through THAT era as well. These are probably the same idiots who start "This is awesome" chants for everything. I HATE THEM ALL.