Heel Steiners?

Hey Scott,

I’ve been watching a bunch of old Steiner Brothers matches of late. It amazes me they spent their entire 1st WCW and WWF runs as babyfaces when everything about their style screams heel. Their body language, the way they’d smile when suplexing people, they didn’t give anyone much offense, and they were kind of bullies in the ring. And that doesn’t even go into how stiff and rough they were.

Didn’t anyone see the money in an extended Steiner’s run as dominant, viscous heels? Or were bookers so enamored with their amateur background and relatively wholesome looks?

Yeah, pretty much. I mean obviously Scott Steiner figured out himself that the money was in being a heel later on, but I think most people that booked them just wanted them at most to be the "rough babyface" character like Lou Thesz used to do. But I mean, sure in hindsight we know what an awesome heel that Scott turned out to be, but for years and years they were natural babyfaces even with their behavior in the ring, so I can see why no one wanted to try something different. If it’s still making money, why change it?