Thunder – February 9, 2000

Date: February 9, 2000
Location: Myriad
Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Attendance: 7,124
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
The NWO has never had
problems like this before! I mean they’re fighting amongst
themselves and beating each other up! Other than that, the question
here is which veteran is going to rip the company apart tonight and
then get a big match instead of getting suspended or fired like they
should. Let’s get to it.

Jarrett, the Twins and
Hall arrive separately.
Cruiserweight Title
Tournament Semi-Finals: Lash Leroux vs. Shannon Moore
cuts off the performance this week, making him twice as annoying.
Granted that’s not saying much as he isn’t very annoying in the first
place. 3 Count gets involved early and pulls Lash to the floor,
allowing Shannon to hit a moonsault for two back inside. Lash blocks
a spinwheel kick and sends Shannon into the corner, where he counters
a bodyscissors and drops Moore chest first onto the buckle. A
dropkick gets two on Shannon and he gets planted with something like
an AA. Evan offers a distraction so the other bandmates can come in,
only to be taken down by a double clothesline. Lash rolls Shannon up
for a fast pin.
Norman Smiley breaks up
the post match beatdown and promises to beat all of them up at
Time to run down the
the NWO, meaning just Jarrett and the Twins, with something to say.
Jeff wants quiet from the fans before he starts beating up their
heroes. Fans have been asking why Jeff did what he did on Monday
when he attacked Hall. Who are these fans? I want them flogged.
Hall was trying to take Jarrett’s title shot, even though he would
get the title match anyway at SuperBrawl. Jarrett makes Sid/Funk vs.
the Twins tonight just to screw with the champ. Tenay: “What’s
wrong with that?”
Cue Hall, who reads HEY
YO off a piece of paper. He doesn’t remember choosing Jarrett as the
boss because Jeff doesn’t remember the time up north. Jeff has been
invited into the clique down here and now he thinks he’s running the
show. He’s just the acting commissioner until Nash comes back, so
here’s Nash…..on the screen. Nash tells the women to stop with the
massage for now because he has to yell at Jarrett.
Jeff can’t be left
alone for five minutes and as a result, he’s no longer commissioner
in any capacity. Back in Amazing Fantasy #15 in Spider-Man’s first
appearance, it was said that with great power comes great
responsibility. Jarrett did something bad to someone Nash cares
about, so Jeff has to be punished.
The first idea was to
cover him in barbecue sauce and put him in a cell with Meng, but then
he had a better idea: leave him on a deserted island with Zbyszko so
Larry can tell him about the time when he was on top of the
territory. Hall: “NO KEV NOT THAT!” Nash can be a funny guy
when he feels like it. Instead, how about Hall vs. Jarrett tonight
with the title shot on the line. The survey says the fans approve
(or maybe they just want to go home) and that’s that. So to be
clear, this week the Outsiders are faces.
Jarrett is livid after
a break.
Title: Demon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Demon does his entrance
from the coffin and gets hit with a crutch for the pin in three
seconds. This is part of the “let’s bury Demon because we agreed
to a deal with Kiss and then realized it was stupid but we have to
fulfill our obligations” period.
Funk and Sid are ready
for the Twins tonight.
Crowbar listens to Kiss
because he’s crazy.
Booker vs. Stevie
would ask why not wait for SuperBrawl, but I guess you have to do
this match while Booker is still out on bail for that attempted
murder thing. Booker doesn’t want to fight his brother, but a Biggs
distraction lets Stevie get in some cheap shots. A few kicks put
Stevie down and Booker beats up Biggs, followed by a chair to Stevie.
Booker leaves and there was no match.
on the phone, isn’t cool with Jarrett spending $57,000 on guitars
last week so he makes Luger vs. Finlay for tonight.
wants Hogan but will settle for Funk at SuperBrawl. They really are
just doing the greatest hits catalog aren’t they?
Kidman vs. Crowbar
This could be good.
Crowbar charges into the ring and Kidman pounds him down like a
villain, or someone with a reason to be mad at Crowbar, would do.
Back up and Crowbar intentionally throws dropkicks that miss for some
taunting but Kidman just punches him in the face. They head outside
with Kidman being whipped into the barricade, setting up a splash off
the barricade. Well at least they’re keeping it moving so far.
in and Crowbar gets dropkicked out of the air, setting up the Bodog
for two. The BK Bomb gets the same but Crowbar counters a
headscissors into a kind of reverse Batista Bomb. I’ve always
thought a reverse powerbomb would be a good finisher for someone.
Kidman is in trouble but Torrie easily distracts the referee,
allowing Crowbar to grab the crowbar. Crowbar takes a crowbar though
and Kidman hits a quick hurricanrana for the pin.
These two are rapidly becoming some of my favorite people on the
show. Crowbar may not be the most technically sound guy in the world
but he’s playing his character so well that it’s hard not to like
him. Kidman is probably the most polished worker on the roster right
now (or at least the most polished who is actually trying) and it’s
really showing.
Crowbar whips himself
into the steps. That’s quite the dedication.
The NWO sends their
women away.
Sid Vicious/Terry
Funk vs. Harris Brothers
comes out first because the title has no value these days. Jarrett,
of course wearing the US Title which he has shown no signs of
defending yet, is on commentary. Ron and Sid start with Ron taunting
Funk, drawing him in for a Twins’ double team. Just like last week,
Sid fights them off with ease because they’re the Harris Twins,
allowing Funk to come in and cover Don for two. A DDT gets the same
and it’s off to Ron for a chinlock.
Funk fights back with a
shoulder as we hit slapnuts #5 from Jeff. The hot tag (more like
mild and party cloudy) brings in Sid for a chokeslam and cobra clutch
slam to Ron. Don takes a piledriver on the exposed concrete but Sid
gets hit low to keep the match going. Funk puts Don on a table at
ringside as Sid chases…..I guess Ron to the back, allowing Jarrett
to guitar Funk through the table to give Don the pin.
I guess this is the match that got the extra time after Knobbs vs.
Demon. That being said, I’d love to hear the validation from the
creative team as to how this is the best use for the World
Heavyweight Champion who has spent weeks battling the forces of evil
to finally win the belt. Lame tag match but at least Jarrett gets
one up on the champ, by beating his tag partner who first retired
seventeen years ago.
Flair wants to team up
with Luger so Luger can break Funk’s arm on Monday while Luger deals
with Hogan. The youngest person in this story: Lex Luger at 41.
Total Package vs.
Fit Finlay
Before the match, Luger
(can we please go back to that being his official name?) talks about
beating up Hogan and Funk with help from Flair, who is referred to as
a protege. Thankfully Finlay comes out so I don’t have to feel the
explosion of the space time continuum from that statement. Finlay
works on the arm to start, stomps away in the corner and then gets
hit in the leg by a ball bat shot from Liz for the fast DQ.
Luger Pillmanizes
Finlay’s arm and Brian Knobbs comes out to get in a shot of his own.
On Finlay of course, because he doesn’t seem to remember Luger
breaking his arm so recently.
This Week in WCW
2XS (Lenny and Lodi,
now known as Idol) isn’t worried about Miss Hancock leaving them
because they don’t need a stupid gimmick. They’ll take the titles
Tag Team Titles: 2XS
vs. Mamalukes
Italians are defending but get jumped in the aisle, which is becoming
a very common trend in WCW. Tenay ignores talking about the match to
plug DDP’s new book as Vito gets stomped down before he can even take
the belt off. Cue Hancock for some gratuitous leg shots and a rare
removal of the hair bun. My goodness that woman is beautiful. She
hands some papers to the announcers and leaves which they can’t seem
to understand. Idol DDTs Johnny but Disco breaks up the pin. Disco
and Idol ram heads and Vito’s implant DDT is enough to retain. The
match was a backdrop for Hancock’s paper delivery.
Crowbar hits Disco with
a lead pipe and steals the belts.
Ernest Miller won’t say
where James Brown is.
calls out Ric Flair for a chat. Ric says it’s just like old times
because he’s still the greatest wrestler, athlete and lover in the
world. He isn’t pleased with ESPN for not naming him one of the
greatest athletes of the century but would rather talk about what’s
in the WCW Magazine he’s holding. It’s a list of the all time great
WCW stars and Flair is #2, after Hulk Hogan. Flair beats up the
magazine (makes sense for him) but here’s Dustin Rhodes. Dustin
didn’t think much of Ric letting his son get beaten up on Monday when
all David wanted to do was impress his dad. David is more grown up
than Ric and those are fighting words.
Dustin Rhodes vs.
Ric Flair
back six years and this could be interesting. Rhodes takes over to
start by stomping Flair into the corner and suplexing him down but a
clothesline takes out the referee about twenty seconds in. A low
blow puts Dustin down but he avoids a knee drop and puts Flair in the
Figure Four. That earns him a Rolex to the face, giving Ric the pin.
Funk makes the save but Lex Luger hits the ring to take out Dustin
and rack Funk.
Scott Hall vs. Jeff
gets the World Title shot at SuperBrawl. Scott gets in some shots to
start but Jeff sends him outside for a beating from the Harris Twins.
Ron’s clothesline gives Jeff two and we hit the sleeper/sleeper
reversal sequence. Hall comes back with right hands and the fall
away slam as the fans are WAY into Scott. Just like Monday, the
referee makes sure to get right in the way of a flailing body, this
time with Jeff’s legs as he’s taken up for the Outsider’s Edge. No
count of course, allowing Jeff to pop up and hit the Stroke for three
off second referee Mark Johnson.
so fast though as the first referee gets up and says restart it so
Hall punches various people until a mic shot puts him down for two.
Jarrett misses a belt shot and takes one to the face, but this time
Johnson pulls Mickie Jay to the floor. Cue Sid and GOOD GRIEF JUST
LET THERE BE A PIN. Hall Edges Johnson and Sid powerbombs Jarrett as
the match is finally thrown out.
It’s Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall. These two fought each other so
many times over the years that they probably know how to have at
least an average match through muscle memory, but we had run ins, ref
bumps, refs fighting and weapons in a six and a half minute match.
This is another case of “just let them wrestle”. It would make
everyone’s lives so much easier, which is why it’s never going to
This may not be the worst show ever, but it’s one of the laziest.
However, they do seem to be making some headway with some of the
stories. Luger and Flair as the new big bad is fine, even though I
can’t imagine Hogan and Funk as partners taking them down. The NWO
stuff is just killing this show though with the Twins as some of the
least interesting lackeys I’ve ever seen. There’s some watchable
stuff in there and if they would just find a better option for the
main event and upper midcard, this would be a far more watchable
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