htm main event

 Hi Scott-any idea why Vince let HTM strong arm him with losing the IC belt at the original Main Event?  I know Honky threated to go to the NWA with the belt but, once he was in arena, couldn't Vince had gone back to the plan of Savage going over either via a "screwjob" or having someone like Andre or Haku convince Honky dropping the belt was best for business or had they already moved on to plan B for WrestleMania and DiBiase just got screwed by Honky?  Doesn't seem like Vince to let someone pull one over on him.  Thanks.
​Well I mean ultimately Honky was still drawing at that point, and as Honky has said many times since then, he just wanted to be shown a bit of respect.  I don't think he was seriously threatening to go to Crockett (and he couldn't really do so anyway) but he felt very disrespected by all the plans for Savage and Dibiase while he was basically expected to just drop the title and disappear.  And ultimately when the time came, he did business with the Warrior because it was the right time and place.  I think the whole "holding up the show for money" thing gets very overstated.  ​