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Hello Sir

Hopefully you or some of the great commenters this board brings together can answer my question: Why were Ken Shamrock and Goldberg mostly booed by Canadian fans whenever WWF & WCW would tour?

Maybe I'm mis-remembering things but it always seemed like the Canucks strongly disliked both guys. 

Whilst I'm on the subject, wa there anybody else that Canada was supposed to like but rejected? Aside from all of Summerslam 2004, obviously.

P.S. Love you.

​Aw thanks, Maffew, I care deeply about you too.
Both guys were basically a case of who they were matched against.  Shamrock had the run against Owen Hart, especially at the Breakdown PPV in Hamilton, and Canadian fans were just really resentful of Owen having to put over someone they perceived as an outsider, I think.  Plus Shamrock always came off as a dick.
Goldberg is even easier, because WCW put him against Bret Hart in Toronto and that was a losing battle.  Not to mention that Canada was always WWF-centric, and Goldberg was (right or wrong) perceived up here as the guy ripping off Steve Austin.  ​