Option A / Option B

Hi Scott Thought I’d do one of these again because I’ve always enjoyed your responses and I enjoy writing these as well. They always seem to stimulate conversation on the blog as well. For those of you new to the game, I give Scott two options, A or B, and ask him to pick his favourite. It’s crisp and clean with no caffeine! Number 1 Which Abandoned Storyline would have had the best chance of getting over? Option A Jeff Jarrett proclaims to be a great country singer, but all his vocals are actually performed by his Roadie. Roadie gets jealous and we have a feud Or Option B David Flair and Stacy Keibler are engaged and Stacy is pregnant. However, David isn’t the father. It eventually comes to light that the father is Vince Russo! Definitely gotta go with the Roadie storyline, because that one really was getting over before it was abandoned.  There was a really good buzz around that storyline for a while.    Number 2 What would have made a better ending to Wrestlemania IX? Option A Bret slays the monster clean with the Sharpshooter Or Option B The Bret Vs Yokozuna match goes at it did but it happens earlier in the card. Hogan and Beefcake take on Money Inc in the final match and go over clean to send the fans home happy. I was fine with either scenario in B, actually.  I had already figured on the Hogan/Beefcake team winning the tag titles and Yoko winning the World title, so I’d go B.    Number 3 Who had the better “Boss and Lackey” chemistry? Option A Ted Dibiase and Virgil Or Raven and Stevie Richards I’d say A here, because Raven and Richards actually had a more nebulously defined relationship, whereas Virgil was explicitly Dibiase’s paid manservant.    Number 4 What would have been a better progression during and after Starcade 98? Option A Nash wins at Starcade but does a strong heel turn while doing so, to try and get some sympathy on Goldberg. Fingerpoke never happens and Hogan turns face and puts Nash over at Super Brawl. Goldberg has to chase until Spring Stampede where he finally wins the title back from Nash and they do the rubber match at Bash at the Beach Or Option B Goldberg goes over Nash clean and continues his title reign. Meanwhile, Wrath beats Bret Hart on the same show for the US Title. You have neither guy do a job and then have them face each other at Bash at the Beach and have Wrath end the streak (Goldberg would have had the belt for a year at this point, so fans would probably be ready for it) I’m still of the opinion that they never should have ended the streak, period, so given those two choices I’d go with A because I’d rather not have seen Wrath end it.  Plus Goldberg really should have regained the title from Nash in real life anyway.  Number 5 As a winner of the 1999 King of the Ring instead of Mr Ass Option A Hardcore Holly Or Option B Big Show Big Show was already ruined by then.  Mr. Ass was fine as a winner, but the followup was terrible and killed it.  Hardcore Holly could have been fun, so I’ll go with him.  Number 6 Instead of Big Show winning the WWF Title at the 1999 Survivor Series, the title is won by Option A Mick Foley Or Option B Test Test, because in retrospect it would have paid off the Steph turn and HHH’s title win much better.  Number 7 Triple H Victim from 2002 that could have benefitted business the most by winning the big match Option A Booker T Or Option B Rob Van Dam RVD by far.  No one was arguing that Booker was going to turn business around, but the point has always been that if HHH was going to use THAT particular storyline to build up the match, he should have laid down for him to pay it off.  Rob, on the other hand, was a big star and needed to have the trigger pulled at some point. 
Number 8 Who would have made a better WWF World Champion at their peak overness Option A Razor Ramon Or Option B Mr. Perfect Ramon, no question.  Perfect was always a midcard guy in the WWF and I don’t think there was ever a viable time when he could have been champion outside of maybe the Hogan run in 1990. But even then business tanked for that feud.  Razor, on the other hand, could have taken Diesel’s place in 94 as champion no questions asked.  Number 9 Which wrestler and manager pairing would have had the most success in a major league promotion in 2000? Option A CW Anderson managed by Arn Anderson Or Steve Corino managed by Jim Cornette Arn never really worked as a mouthpiece for someone else.  Go with Cornette.  And finally Number 10 Which do you think was the better match from 1998? Option A Masato Tanaka Vs Mike Awesome – ECW Heatwave 98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7juI6F-bc4 Or Option B DDP Vs Goldberg – Halloween Havoc 98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e57hdaTv0sA   The DDP match is one I’d classify as “Great by both of their standards”, but Tanaka v. Awesome is just a great match.  So A.