If Lex beats Flair in 1990

According to thehistoryofwwe.com, Lex Luger was to defeat Ric Flair at a house show in early 1990 and finally win the world title before Flair had it axed.
If this had occured, how would this of affected the big Sting comeback at GAB 1990? Lex was just turned face again at this point. Would they have turned Luger before July so soon? Or maybe have Sting feud with Flair as planned without the title on the line and build to Luger vs Sting at Starrcade that year? Here is the rundown from Historyofwwe.com NWA @ Chicago, IL – UIC Pavilion – March 23, 1990 (6,500)
A film crew, as well as Lance Russell, Chris Cruise, and Dennis Brent were flown to the city to tape what was scheduled to be NWA World Champion Ric Flair losing the title to NWA US Champion Lex Luger; the title change didn't take place because Flair wasn't given ample notice, which was part of his contract; Flair agreed to the title change but only in return for a contract release, which Jim Herd refused; Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Bill Apter was also on hand
Mike Rotunda pinned Cactus Jack; after the bout, Cactus was taken to the hospital for having been tied in the ring ropes too long during the match
Norman pinned Kevin Sullivan
Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated Jimmy Garvin & Steve Casey (sub. for Michael Hayes)
NWA US Tag Team Champions Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk defeated Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane
NWA Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated NWA TV Champion Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson
The Road Warriors defeated Doom
NWA World Champion Ric Flair pinned NWA US Champion Lex Luger at 20:13 after Ole Anderson interfered and hit Luger with Woman's high heel shoe
​Yeah, there was a bunch of times that year where they had Luger booked to go over and Flair put the kibosh on it.  I'm pretty sure they would have done like they eventually did in 91 — Lex wins the title, immediately turns heel and builds up to a feud with Sting.  That was the direction they had been trying to go for months anyway.  ​