RIP “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel

Sadly, one of my favorite mid card guys from through the years, and a man I had the privilege to know for a while has passed away at 53.   RIP “Nature Boy”.
The words of Buddy when JYD passed away, ring true for him today:

 I just got a call and heard you were gone, and I stand here so cold.And the booker says you’re off to your biggest angle ever, walking on streets of gold.We first met when I was a kid, and I remember being in such awe!You were the first superstar I ever met, the first I ever saw.You drew more money than most people know, but how they soon forget!But in my eyes, I saw it first hand and man, you were legit!Just like you did when we first met, you took me under your wing.And it comforts me now that you, Dick, Frank and Eddie are listening to the angels sing.I’ll see you again in that special place, and I can give you a ring.So once again save me a place under your great big wing!I’ll miss you and always love you… Good-bye dear friend…