Idea for ‘Theme’ card.

  Given the thoughts on ‘new gimmick matches’, another thought from wintry Australia :   Next time there is some kind of ‘faction vs faction’ feud going on, it could be settled as follows :   1.       Each ‘team’ gets a fixed number of members (let’s say seven) with a ‘captain’ such as Heyman, HHH, Bryan (given his injury) etc.. 2.       At the PPV, there are seven (or however many) matches.  Certain matches in advance can be designated with particular stips eg.  one ladder match, one tag match, a final cage match etc.  Team with the most wins gets whatever prize or wins the kayfabe dispute in issue. 3.       Taking in turns to go first, each team ‘captain’ selects their team’s individual wrestler (sorry, ‘WWE Superstar’) for the next match, which is then stated by the ring announcer.  So, with a similar gimmick to Royal Rumble, you could have the countdown clock and the speculation before each participant is announced. 4.       One or both ‘captains’ could then be guest commentators, talking through the reasons for their selection during the match. 5.       It gives massive scope for creative booking, with many possibilities for new feuds and angles starting, the drama of an injury angle, and a ‘twist’ (for example) of someone unexpectedly wrestling a couple of times to cover for a (kayfabe) injured team-mate.

​Sort of like a SERIES of CHALLENGES between TEAMS, you're saying?  
i see no downside whatsoever.​