This match continues…

Remember a couple weeks back when we were talking about the staleness of WWE's presentation?

I'm watching Money in the Bank today and at one point Ambrose clotheslines Rollins over the announce table and Michael (MAGGLE) Cole goes, "This match continues!"

I swear to god I thought the pay-per-view was going to cut to a commercial right then and there. I was sort of surprised when it didn't.

Bad sign or good Pavlovian training by WWE?

​They already HAVE multiple commercials on their PPVs!  They just haven't taken to interrupting the matches for them yet.  But already we get multiple commercials for WWE Network shows, Mountain Dew, Total Divas, whatever shitty theme song they're shilling this week, DVD releases, trailers for their shitty movies, their website, Susan G. Komen, whoever their sponsor is for the show, and sometimes even random stuff like tax services​.  It's pretty brutal for a show that some people are still paying $60 to watch.  Makes Hulu look subtle by comparison.