WWF Dream Match?

Hi Scott,

Here's a 1980's dream match that could have happened, should have happened, but never did–and doesn't seem to get talked about, either.  

Between Summerslam 88 and The Main Event 89, the WWF had arguably the two hottest tag teams in the country (which is saying something considering the NWA tag roster at the time)–the Megapowers and Demolition. The former were just done headlining the second biggest PPV of the year and the latter were solidifying themselves in the most dominant WWF Tag Team Championship run of all time.  On one side, it was the two biggest singles stars and on the other, the most over tag team of the decade.  But instead of letting them headline a PPV, SNME, or hpuse show run, the WWF rushes a Demolition fave turn at Survivor Series that no one in the live crowd even noticed.  What gives?  I know the WWF champ (Savage) and the tag champs (Demos) were used to headline two different touring groups so that would explain the lack of house show match ups. But at least an SNME headlined by these four? Or even replace the Twin Towers with Demolition in The Main Event in February 1989?

Megapowers v. Demolition would have been too awesome for one arena to contain.  That's the only reason I can think of.