The Little Things in Wrestling

The little things?  Wait, are we talking about Seth Rollins here?  HIGH FIVE!  Anyone?  Good afternoon Mr. Keith.  Watching Kevin Owens do his thing, such as stomping a poor sap as he walks by him, had my thinking of other small things that I just don’t see much of in wrestling.  Then again, I’m not watching nearly as much as I used to.  Some of them are: Repeated pin attempts, one after another:  Usually a heel tactic, and I know you’re a fan of this one. Yup, love this one, especially if the heel keeps trying the same pin and gets frustrated and yells at the referee about it.  Being a dick/jerk to some kid as you walk down the aisle for a good second:  Seriously, who does this anymore Unfortunately you are no longer allowed to harass the stupid marks at ringside because then they’ll go on social media and whine about it.  The only people that Stephanie is allowed to demean on TV are her own employees.  As I’ve said before, part of the whole appeal of being at ringside is getting trash-talked by the heels.  As long as nothing physical is involved, everyone should know what they’re getting into.  Music Guitar solo for a big win:  I can’t explain it, But i always knew it was an important/big win when the face won, and the celebration goes extra long you notice the guitar solo as their music continues to play.  Hogan, Bret & Michaels were my faves. Yeah, but all the nu-mutal shit bands that they use for entrance music now don’t do solos.  They need to hire the Darkness or Airborne or someone like that for a theme song.  Trash-Talking/slapping the head during a submission move:  I see wrestlers trash talk sometimes, but it’s just not very funny/heelish what they’re are saying. Another quality heel mannerism.  I always love bad guys who took the time to really demotivate their opponents.  Kevin Owens is leading the charge on this one again, though, and I see good things in the future for the genre.  Simply stepping out of the way of an opponents high flying attack:  Extra points if they smirk afterwards That one is more “breaking the fourth wall” and specific to Samoa Joe, though.  Got any of your own? Using the ropes for a pin attempt, especially if it’s in full view of the referee, and then arguing about it afterwards while choking the guy out with your shin.  Doing a lame submission move like an abdominal stretch, but getting help from your partner from the apron.  Tons of tag team stuff, especially cutting off the ring to prevent the hot tag and build more heat.