Smackdown – June 11, 2015

June 11, 2015
CajunDome, Lafayette, Louisiana
Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, Jerry Lawler
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the last show before we get to Money in the Bank, meaning it’s the
last time we have to cram an entire pay per view build into two weeks
for a very long time. The big story coming out of Monday is Ambrose
using Instagram (just go with it) to warn Rollins that he was coming,
only to lay Seth out again to end the show. Let’s get to it.

Ambrose, wearing a ton of Mardi Gras beads, coming through the crowd
to open things up. He holds up the title and says let the good times
roll because he’s been having a good time on Bourbon Street. Ambrose
takes us through the Instagram pictures from Monday, thankfully
pointing out that the ticket wasn’t real and that Reigns just saved
him a seat. After a clip of the main event from Raw, Ambrose
promises to drop Seth on his head with Dirty Deeds and take the World
Title for real this Sunday.
Rollins who says Ambrose is just like all the other scum in this
arena: not in his league. Rollins wants the title back and Dean
drops it right in the middle of the ring. The champ picks it up but
realizes it’s just a replica because the title is somewhere between
here and New Orleans. Dean: “It’s been a blurry few days. It
still feels like Tuesday to me.” Kane comes out and brings up
Mercury and Noble beating Rollins on Monday when he was all alone.
Tonight he gets to be alone all over again against Dolph Ziggler. As
usual, Ambrose and Rollins have a great promo when people just leave
them alone.
vs. Miz
Miz bails to the floor to take off the sunglasses and has his sunset
flip attempt countered by having his head slammed into the mat. A
ridiculous 26 seconds vertical suplex sends Miz outside again but he
throws Ryback over the announcers’ table as we take a break. Back
with Ryback fighting out of a chinlock and hitting a backpack
Stunner. A powerslam gets two for the champ but Miz kicks him in the
head to set up the Figure Four.
goes nowhere (just like always because it’s a horrible move for Miz
to use) as Ryback powers out, only to take a short DDT for two more.
The threat of a Meat Hook sends Miz to the floor but Ryback runs him
down out there just as easily. Back in and Shell Shock is countered
into the Skull Crushing Finale for two and Miz is stunned. Ever the
genius, Miz tries a Meat Hook of his own but takes the real thing,
setting up Shell Shock to give the champion the pin at 7:44.
C. This was fine for what it
was and served the purpose of giving Ryback a nice win. Miz is
settling into this midcard role as he loses his matches but is able
to talk himself right back into being hated all over again due to
pure delusion. Ryback vs. Big Show isn’t going to be anything great
but at least the Shell Shock at the end will be good. Assuming of
course WWE doesn’t feel the need to feed someone else to Big Show for
reasons I’ll never fathom.
match here’s Big Show who says he doesn’t impress easily with over
twenty years of experience (not quite as he debuted in October 1995).
The Shell Shock was fine on Monday but this Sunday ends with one of
these right hands. He’s holding up his left hand but close enough.
Ryback says he’ll have the
fans in his corner on Sunday so bring it right now, little man.
As expected, Show turns him down.
Enough finalists, including
former OVW TV Champion Michael Hayes (not that Michael Hayes. This
one only has one leg).
Swagger vs. King Barrett
is on commentary before his pre-show match with Barrett on Sunday and
has decided that he should be King after beating Barrett recently.
also thinks he’s
in the ladder match on Sunday. Barrett
stomps Jack down in the corner to start as Truth puts on the robe.
The distraction breaks up
the Bullhammer and Jack nails a big clothesline on the floor followed
by a Vader Bomb for two. The
Patriot Lock is broken up and the Bullhammer gives Barrett the pin at
has disappeared.
Tough Enough finalists.
recap the Bellas’ Twin Magic from a few weeks back and Paige being
sick of the whole thing.
Fox yells at Paige and there’s going to be a match later. I really
wish WWE would mix up this kind of thing. We’re long past the
suspension of disbelief that a package on the Divas would air then
there just happened to be a camera on Paige when Fox came up to
challenge her. All you need
is to say this happened earlier in the day.
week’s sitdown interview is with Lana, who says she and Dolph read
books together and talk about things. Rusev
comes in again and says don’t ruin this. Ziggler
has been with a bunch of other women but Rusev has only been with
her. Lana says it’s over and leaves so Rusev scares Cole away.
Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins
and Seth is on his own.
The champ takes it to the
mat with a headlock but Ziggler counters into an armbar to send Seth
to the ropes. Back to the
headlock on Dolph for a bit
before the threat of a superkick sends Rollins out to the floor.
They’re still in first gear here as Rollins takes a breather. Back
in and Dolph hammers away in the corner, only to get caught in an
electric chair for two. The
standard chinlock kills some time as the fans want Lana. Speak
for yourselves. I don’t want her and Ziggler anywhere near each
fights up and a Cactus Clothesline puts both guys outside, where
Rollins catapults him over the barricade as we take a break. We
come back with Ziggler slugging away until Rollins
drops him with a Sling Blade for two. Well
at least it wasn’t another chinlock. Ziggler
comes back with a backdrop to put Rollins on the floor, followed by
the running DDT for two. The
Buckle Bomb is countered into a rollup for two and the Fameasser gets
the same. Dolph keeps
speeding things up and goes to the top for a high cross body but
Rollins rolls through and grabs the trunks for the pin at 13:53.
B-. Nice main event style match
here with Rollins getting the kind of a win he should be getting.
Ziggler doesn’t lose anything either and everyone comes out looking
fine. It’s very nice to see them breaking from the same pattern that
they’ve been having for months for Rollins as it was getting
the two times we’ve seen Tough Enough finalists already? Make it
vs. Alicia Fox
takes her down to start and cranks on a reverse chinlock for
a bit before Fox takes her down and puts on a chinlock. They aren’t
exactly dishing out the creativity. At
least Fox adds in some knees to the head to mix things up. A big
boot to the face gets two on Paige but she snaps Fox’s throat across
the ropes. This is her house, which makes me wonder how much a Diva
makes since Paige must have 40 houses around the country. The
PTO makes Fox tap at 4:46.
D. They did a good enough job
of making Paige look good going into Sunday but I don’t buy her as
having a chance at taking the title because All Hail the Bellas. It
didn’t help that the match was nearly half chinlock. You really
shouldn’t need two of those in a match that doesn’t last five
recap of Owens vs. Cena to set up the rematch on Sunday. The
first match was great and I really hope Owens just walks out on the
second because he has nothing to gain.
Prime Time Players say they’re like butter because they’re on a roll.
Whole wheat and gluten free that is. They
incorporate the clap into the Millions of Dollars dance and even
Renee joins in.
batch of Tough Enough finalists, including
the Big O.
Reigns/Randy Orton/Neville vs. Sheamus/Kane/Kofi Kingston
are quite the interesting teams. Reigns
decks Kofi to start before
Neville comes in and eats a right hand to the face. Neville
flips over Sheamus and tags in Orton, because we haven’t seen Orton
vs. Sheamus enough lately. The
good guy keeps control for a bit until a Kane distraction lets
Sheamus nail a tilt-a-whirl powerslam to take over. Back from a
break with Orton fighting out of Sheamus’ chinlock.
lukewarm tag brings in Neville to clean house with his variety of
kicks but Kane breaks up the Red Arrow. Kane
comes back in for some weak stomping and a big side slam for two as
this isn’t exactly inspiring stuff so far. Kofi
comes back in to fire the New Day up again with Woods declaring him
the greatest of all time. A
dropkick gets two and Woods says he’s getting annihilated right now.
Sheamus gets two of his own off the Irish Curse and it’s off to the
avoids a charge into the post though and it’s a hot tag to Reigns,
who runs Kofi over in a hurry. The
New Day is easily dispatched but Kane counters a Superman Punch with
a chokeslam, which earns Kane an RKO, followed by a Brogue Kick,
followed by a dropkick from Neville, followed by Trouble in Paradise.
Reigns is back up though and the Superman Punch connects to Kofi,
only to have the New Day come in for the DQ at 13:25.
C-. This was boring. That’s
the best word I can come up with for it. We were sitting around and
waiting on the big parade of finishers to close things out and it
eventually came and went. It’s not a terrible match or even bad but
I never came close to being interested in what was going on.
takes a Midnight Hour and it’s ladder time. Cue Dolph with a ladder
of his own but Neville climbs the ladder and dives onto everyone who
was nice enough to brawl right beneath him. Neville pulls down the
briefcase to end the show.
C. Totally average show
here as they talked up the pay per view a bit but didn’t do much to
make me care about what I was seeing. Money in the Bank is a show
that sells itself with the big ladder match and it gets very
difficult to build towards it as the singles matches and tags don’t
change anything. As for the rest, it was just a standard Smackdown:
watchable wrestling, nothing important, two hours gone.
b. Miz – Shell Shock
Barrett b. Jack Swagger – Bullhammer
Rollins b. Dolph Ziggler – Rollins rolled through a cross body and
held Ziggler’s trunks
b. Alicia Fox – PTO
Reigns/Randy Orton/Neville b. Sheamus/Kane/Kofi Kingston via DQ when
New Day interfered
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