“Kevin Owens’ first match in WWE”

Did it bother anyone but me how at the Chamber, the announcers kept mentioning how it was "Owens' first match in WWE"? Given how much NXT is promoted throughout WWE, how is the casual fan supposed to understand what that means and where NXT fits in?

Is there a better way to phrase that Raw and Smackdown (and Superstars and Main Event and PPVs) are the "Major Leagues"? It all comes across as incredibly messy and confusing. 

Especially since there are six WWE brand marks are all on the NXT championship.

​I would tend to think of it as NXT being WWE-affiliated, in the same way that a minor-league baseball team is affiliated with the major league club.  So you might get drafted and play as a part of the Blue Jays organization, but it's not until you get to the big leagues that you play your first game as a Blue Jay.  ​