Too Hot For TV

I know we're always giving the Network monkeys shit for putting on their "reality" shows and stuff as original content, but I just wanted to throw a shout-out to the rapidly-improving Jerry Springer show Too Hot For TV on there.  Last night's episode with bloopers and outtakes was one of the funniest things I've ever seen them put together.  Yeah, you had the usual stuff like Sid's "we're live pal" blunder and such, but the real gold was classic Mean Gene backstage promo outtakes from the 80s.  Gene going off on Kamala for missing a shoot in St. Louis just had me losing it, and then the production guys pranked him back and it was tremendous.  And then they pulled out the unedited footage of Vince McMahon chasing a chicken for the Austin training video, and THAT was great.  And then they had a bunch of botched spots you don't often see in these things.  Obviously they have hundreds of hours of this stuff in their library because they tape EVERYTHING and keep it all, and this is exactly the sort of show I'd love for them to put out.  Someone should even make a website with nothing but botched promos and blown spots.  It might do well.