Where Does Cena Go?


With the talk about Cena's current position on the card/with the company, where does he go from here? Most of the guys who had runs at the top (Hogan, Bret, HBK, Austin and Rock) were gone within 5-10 years. Hogan obviously having the longest of those runs. It doesn't seem like John is planning on riding off into the sunset anytime soon.

– Anthony

Well, Billy, when a wrestler gets too old to continue any longer, Vince McMahon takes him to a very special farm where he can run around and bump with other wrestlers just like him.  And then you can visit him any time!  Just not this weekend, Grandpa is coming down from chasing the dragon.  Plus I think there's some sort of legal thing about kids and 100 feet of space or something.
​Sorry, what was the question again?​