Cena/Taker @ WM 32

Thinking about matches to sell out a 100K seat venue and with Rock & Rousy vs HHH & Steph (in some capacity) looking set up at least, it would seem that IF they were ever going to do Taker/Cena then that's the place.  It's not like beating Taker means enough to give the win to a young guy (they obviously showed that with Bray) so why just give the one major match that hasn't been done.

It's so easy. One promo.  Cena fails to win rumble, says he's done everything but beat Undertaker (and I actually don't think he has).  The only other Taker match that makes any sense is Sting and after Sting losing this year why even bother.  Cena would make a much better match.
You can do a Shield 3-way for the title mixing up heel/face dynamic and have Brock Owens and Samoa Joe kill each other.  Where do you the Mania upper card heading?

​There was a certain dynamic with Cena challenging the Streak that would have worked, but that's no longer the case.  I honestly don't think they see Cena at the top of the card any longer, and I think this midcard US title thing is where they're going to try to keep him for a while.  If I had to guess, I'd say HHH v. Rock in some form, plus Brock v. Reigns II and maybe Undertaker v. Sting if everyone is agreeable to it.  Given how many tickets they have to sell, it's going to be Night of the Part-Timers and that's that.  ​