Non-Wrestling Podcast Plug

Hey boss.
Been a long time reader – think I got onboard around your awesome King Lear rant back in the day.
So I come knocking with hat in hand asking you to plug something that benefits you in… no way really.

We've started up a new podcast company called Tall Can Audio.  At launch we have 2 shows. Tall Can Sports which covers, if you can believe it, sports. The other is Audio Whiplash which covers whatever is topical at the time.

Today's TCS was a recap of the Memorial Cup and preview of the Stanley Cup Final while the most recent Audio Whiplash focused on the good and bad of live music.

We're based in Ottawa so you can expect a lot of hockey and Tragically Hip on these shows….

We can be found by:
Searching: Tall Can Audio on iTunes or your other podcast apps.
@TallCanAudio on Twitter or @TallCanSports if that's really all you're in to.
Tall Can Audio on Facebook.
Or if you are in to unimpressive websites that serve no purpose but to post the shows.

If you're still reading this… Thanks in a big bad way.

​Oddly enough, as a Canadian I was never really a fan of the Hip because they were horribly overplayed and drove me away after Road Apples.  However, after many years away from them, I've started listening to "Up To Here" again and holy shit is that a great record.  Once Gord went into a complete drug-fueled beat poetry meltdown in the later albums a lot of it became unlistenable for me (pretty much everything after "Locked in the Trunk of a Car" as far as radio singles go for me) but I can totally put the early stuff on my Google Play random playlist again and be fine with it now.  
And enjoy the plug.  ​