Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope this first day of June was fruitful to all! For the most part I enjoyed the Network Special last night even though things were pretty dull after Owens-Cena. Still Owens-Cena was so good it was going to be hard for anything else to happen that would compare to that.

Obviously that wasn’t Cena’s first great match and it wasn’t his first clean job but he truly made a star last night. He’s elevated guys many times before but they had already established themselves. C.M. Punk had a dominating run as World Champion on Smackdown and an Undertaker program before his historic MitB match with Cena. Bryan also had a dominating run on Smackdown and several high-quality matches for the WWE Title with Punk before Cena gave him the final rub at Summerslam 2013 before Orton/HHH sucked the life out of it.

This was different. Not everyone watches NXT, not everyone has the Network so there were a lot of people who really didn’t know who Kevin Owens was before he crashed the U.S. open challenge a couple weeks ago. So this match wasn’t just about Cena laying down, it was about getting Owens over as a wrestling talent and a threat on the main roster. So on June 1 the more casual viewers know who Owens is, they know he is a bad ass worker and they know he’s a threat to any top spot on the main roster. They also know that the NXT champion must be a big deal if the guy holding the strap just beat John Cena. Might have been Cena’s best work as a professional in his 9-10 years as a top guy.

Anyway for TV tonight


NCAA Softball National Championship (Florida vs. Michigan)

Brewers-Cardinals on ESPN

New Bachelorette…New American Ninja Warrior…

Enjoy, keep it clean.