Cena v. Owens

Hey Scott, huge fan of your work. With Owens' clean win over the face of the company, where do you see Kevin going from here? With the rematch coming at Money In The Bank, I don't want a Cena win ruining his momentum. 

​Got a bunch of these e-mails about 5 minutes after the show.  And yeah, they've really booked themselves into a corner by throwing the rematch out there so quickly.  Ideally what you'd want is Owens running through a bunch of midcarders and doing the NXT title Open Challenge to mock Cena while he's injured and on the shelf until Summerslam and thus people will actually want to see the rematch.  Unfortunately what we're getting these days is a lot of desperation booking to compensate for ratings declining.  And another free month of the Network!  I'm pretty sure Owens will at least stay protected, however, and is now set for life as a top guy after that.  More importantly, they need to get the albatross of the NXT belt off him yesterday and give it to someone in developmental who needs it.  ​