WCW Conspiracy Theory

We've all heard every theory for the collapse of WCW from the finger poke of doom to the AOL/Time Warner merger. But what if it was an inside job? By none other than Hanoi Jane herself?

Hear me out. Jane marries Billionaire Ted in 1991. The same year WCW became WCW, right? she divorces him in 2001, the same year WCW goes under. Coincidence?


But who was she working for? Crockett, perhaps? Another jealous NWA honcho? JIM HERD?!?!? Let's not forget WCW also ran shows in N Korea. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

How have we not seen this before? If I were a betting man, I'd even wager it was her own voice on those WWF skits in 96. That's probably when she recruited Razor and Diesel! Whoa, And that just came to me! IT GETS DEEPER AND DEEPER!!!!


​I feel like I've already thought about too much as it is.  Don't you think I've been considering that very theory in my mind over and over since the company died?  Don't you think we ALL haven't thought about the Jane Fonda Theory at some point while wondering what went wrong?  But then that's when they turn on the chip in your brain and you get shocked for asking the wrong questions.  Not worth it.  Gotta finish.  They're coming right now.  #WAKEUPSHEEPLE #THANKSOBAMA