Refs Calling NXT Matches


Maybe this is already a known thing, but it seemed to me that the Sasha v Becky match was being called in large part by the ref, and presumably further called by Triple H into his earpiece. Is that what you think happened?

Either way, it seemed like he was communicating to them the next spot to go to and I never really saw Sasha or Becky calling them. It was a fantastic match, and I guess I never considered how hands on Triple H could be during a live match. It was cool. If true, anyhow.

Sidenote: my wife was watching for the first time and thought the ref was getting a little too grabby trying to break holds. Guess I never thought of that for men's matches.

​Given how super-rehearsed most of the matches are now and the fact that it's developmental people on a live show, I would be shocked if it wasn't the ref passing signals to them.  No one's expecting anyone to be a ring general after a year in the business, so it's fine.  ​