TNA tape library

few quick questions

1. would wwe be honestly interested in the TNA tape library?

2. How much would it honestly cost them (over/under 200k)?

3. Would anyone outside wwe be interested (which i assume no which would only drive the price down right)?

4. what would wwe do it?  throw it up on the network? make a flat line and fall of tna dvd?  use it for kurt angle and sting docs?

5. anything else im missing that you'd like to add?

1.  Yes, of course.  Vince made more money off WCW in DVD sales than he paid for the entire company by a lot.  Pretty sure getting the TNA library and doing a "Life and Death of…" set burying them would justify whatever paltry sum they would need to pay out.  
2.  There's a set rate that WWE offers for footage and I doubt TNA would need to exceed that.  
3.  WWE would be the only buyer.  
4.  As you noted, they'd make a couple of DVD sets mocking the death of the promotion and use the rest to pad out Sting Volume 2 or wacky YouTube shows about how stupid TNA was.
5.  Just to once again plug my Sporting News column from last year, which still draws numbers to this day.  Maybe DA should give me the timeslot instead: