Owens Going Forward

Hi, Scott.  Hope you've recovered from Victoria Day.

1- Do you think this is Owens' full-time call-up to the main roster, or was it more to promote the NXT special?

2- What do you do with the NXT title, especially with Zayn (somewhat?) injured?  Not sure it would be good to have Owens lose heading into his match with Cena at Elimination Chamber, but I don't really like an anticlimactic title change either (even if walking away to bigger/better things makes sense for his character).

3- What do you do at Elimination Chamber?  The point of Cena's reign is to put someone over big, but going from Cena/Bryan as midlevel champs to Owens/Neville (there needs to be at least one babyface champ, right?) is quite a drop in terms of prestige/name recognition.  What would Cena be doing at Summerslam?

4- How will Owens' style affect/be affected by Brock returning at Summerslam?  Will he somewhat pale in comparison to Lesnar, or would Owens' physical style make Brock feel a little less special?

1.  Pretty sure this is just a one-off deal.  They're actually making money (or losing less money) touring with Owens on top of NXT right now and they'd be dumb to end it now.  
2.  If they can pull it off, I'd have Zayn win the NXT title with help from Cena to pay off a couple of threads there, then Owens wins the US title at Elimination Chamber and drops it back at MITB.  I think Owens would probably turn babyface off that because the Full Sail crowd has been dying to turn him for weeks anyway.  Then Cena can go back to doing whatever he was going to be doing at Summerslam.  
3.  See #2.  
4.  He'd be back on NXT by Summerslam anyway under my master plan.  So it's a moo point.