BoD Daily Update

Finn Balor Update

Balor was going to be involved in a feud with Hideo Itami but that was scrapped with Itami’s injury. They also might do a feud between Balor and Owens instead. Also, there is word that Vince McMahon wants Balor on the main roster as soon as possible while HHH does not want to rush his debut. When he was signed, Balor was told that he would not stay in NXT for long. Balor is also reported to have a bigger downside guarantee than other talents.

Big Show Update

Big Show was originally scheduled to return to TV this week but was not spotted backstage a few hours before RAW last night and did not appear on the show.


Kayfabe Commentaries Releases Newest Installment in the WCW Timeline Series

1989 WCW as told by Jim Cornette was released today. You can click on the link below to view the trailer as well as another excerpt of the interview.

Also, head on over to Place to be Nation and check out the newest installment of the “Kevin Kelly Show” as he welcomes guest Dr. Tom Prichard, who discusses Bill DeMott and participated in a game of name association, among other things. You can listen to that by clicking on the link below.